Sunday, June 12, 2005

Welcome to Monaga's World

Welcome to the first post of the Monaga blog. What I aim to do is share my perspective on living here in Santo Domingo, along with opinions about any number of issues. I'm an American who is also Black & Gay. I first came to Santo Domingo in 1990 with one of my best friends, Lyle Agard. I did not come back again until November of 2000. I then came every 3 months, until I moved here in January 2004.

I now live near the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo and run a small guesthouse that caters to a mostly gay clientele, though we have straight clients as well. Running a business in the DR is very, very (!) different than in the States. But, no regrets about moving here. I love it, though you have to get used to things being done differently. Adapt or die is my motto.


David Lee said...

Dear Anthony, thank you so much for he nice write-up on Davinita's birthday party. He worked hard to make it a special day and it was beautiful. I appreciate your continued support of The Sports Bar-SDQ and look forward to seeing you on your next visit to play pool and drink our great "rum punch". Regards, David Lee, The Sports Bar-SDQ.

David Brownlee said...

Thank you to my business partner David Lee and our entire Sports Bar Staff,
Kenny and his staff for a fantastic BD Party.
A BIG Thank You to Anthony for taking and posting , supporting The Sports Bar
SDQ and with such wonderful pictures of the party.
With Love David Brownlee