Monday, October 18, 2010


I have a new website and blog @ This blog will remain active as an archive but all new posts will be at the new website. See you @

Tengo un nuevo pagina web y blog @ Este blog seguira activo como un un archivo, pero los post nuevos estaran en la pagina web nueva. Nos vemos en

Friday, October 15, 2010


I have a new website and blog @ This blog will remain active as an archive but all new posts will be at the new website. See you @

Tengo un nuevo pagina web y blog @ Este blog seguira activo como un un archivo, pero los post nuevos estaran en la pagina web nueva. Nos vemos en

Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Party Tours

Renato Amilca is a tour guide in the Dominican Republic. He speaks several languages and been working as a guide in Bavaro for many years. He wanted to move back to Santo Domingo, where his friends and family are, so he started a little tour business, Big Party Tours. He was introduced to me by my friend Jeffrey, who vouched for him by saying that he dealt with some 'substantial' people. Then I talked with some mutual friends who have gone on his tours. They were very complimentary. There has since been a tour put together for many Americans who will be traveling here in September for the Labor Day holiday. I believe they have almost 20 people. I say all this to say, if you are looking for someone professional to organize a tour for you, Renato is your man. You can send him an email or contact him on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep an Eye on your Flight Attendant

PARIS (Reuters) - French police have arrested an Air France stewardess on suspicion of stealing thousands of euros in cash, cards and jewelry as passengers slept on long haul flights, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Police investigating thefts over several months on flights between France and the Far East picked up the 47-year old attendant identified as Lucie R. after she landed from Tokyo on Friday, Le Figaro said.

"Her bank accounts showed an absurd gap between her lifestyle and her declared income," the newspaper quoted a police investigator as saying.

Police launched an investigation in January after about 4,000 euros' ($5,170) was stolen from five passengers. The robber took advantage of sleeping passengers, taking euros, yen, and Swiss francs as well as watches, jewels, credit cards and even cheque books.

According to the newspaper, the woman, who worked mainly in business class, began her spree in March 2009 to ease financial problems and has confessed to 26 thefts.

Since January, there have been about 140 thefts, the newspaper said. "The Japanese were ideal prey because they travel with lots of cash -- euros and yen -- instead of paying with credit cards," a police source said.

Police found travelers' cheques, blank cheques and bank card numbers at her home, the newspaper said.

(Reporting by John Irish; editing by David Stamp)



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tropical Storm?

There is a weather disturbance leaving Puerto Rico heading our way. It has a 60% chance of turning into a Tropical Storm.

Paying a Living Wage

The minimum wage in the Dominican Republic is 83 cents (U.S.) per hour. There is a new factory in Villa Altagracia that pays its workers three times the minimum wage. They even allowed the factory to be unionized. The owners of the factory, Knights Apparel, has decided that this factory should pay a living wage. The New York Times has run an article exploring the pros and cons. There is also a great photo slide show with audio.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beautiful Face to Watch

Dominican Fashion Models posted photos of this beautiful model who is the new face to watch. He was just signed with a local Dominican agency.


G.A.L.D.E. is having their 20th annual health fair and picnic. Next Sunday @ Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan, NYC.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The dog days of summer. The weather is overcast with intermittent rain. Seeds of change are in the air. Boredom. Work. What's next? I was going to put another video of police malfeasance, but I agree, it is time for some beauty. Here are some photos from the LeeStudiosNYC. These are nice, but he has SO MANY would you please go to his blog and implore him to post more.

The Dominican Republic's most wanted fugitive was caught in Puerto Rico yesterday. He escaped from jail in Puerto Rico in 1999, and has been on the lam ever since. He owned several million-dollar properties in the D.R., and traveled in highest realm of Dominican society. I believe there are a lot of prominent people in the Dominican Republic who are very nervous wondering what he is going to say. He was arrested under U.S. jurisdiction so it is very unlikely he will just be able to get out on bail, like people are able to do in the D.R. I see a movie being made very shortly. I wonder if anyone is going to collect the reward. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Blacks, Gays Allowed at Local Bar

There is a bar in Santo Domingo who has been discriminating against Black and Gay people. The manager has just explained why.

Police Killings

In the last couple of weeks the police have killed several people. What has really got people up in arms is that these people were killed when they didn't stop at a police roadblock. The problem is that most people can't tell the difference between the police and criminals at 2 am on a dark stretch of road. I was just reading today that the police have killed 1600 people in the last three years. Which averages to around 1.5 people per day. What makes it even worse is that as I was looking at the news and saw the photo of one of the latest victims, I found out that I knew him. We never met in person, but online. He was leaving his 23rd birthday party with his family. They encountered a roadblock. They decided to keep going, not knowing If these were actual police or criminals. The police shot at the car and he was killed. He leaves a distraught family and a 2 year-old daughter. Also killed in the last couple of weeks was an 81 year old gentleman. He was killed in a small town. Again, after not stopping for a police blockade. There are many voices coming out calling on the government to have the police change their policy of shooting at cars who don't stop. We'll see.

Rest in peace, Abraham.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Dengue Outbreak

This email was sent out by the American Consulate:

This warden message alerts U.S. citizens that the Department of
State anticipates a rise in the incidence of Dengue Fever due to
the recent heavy rains. Dengue is a tropical disease caused by
a virus and transmitted to humans by the mosquito Aedes aegypti.
The information on this message is not intended or implied to be
a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or

Please be aware that no vaccine is available.
Aedes is typically a day-biting mosquito, most active during
dawn and dusk, and can be easily identified by the distinctive
black and white stripes on its body. The mosquito is attracted
by the odor, carbon dioxide, and heat emitted by humans and
animals. Dengue is characterized by fever, rash, and muscle and
joint pains.

To minimize the chances of getting Dengue, medical professionals
recommend denying the mosquito its preferred breeding ground:
clean stagnant water. Some common sources include artificial
and natural containers such as flower vases and pot plates;
pails, water-storage jars, basins; discarded receptacles; roof
gutters; gully traps; unused toilet bowls and cisterns; A/C and
dish rack trays; concrete drains; tree holes; leaf axils, fallen
leaves; and ground depressions.

To prevent water collecting in these receptacles, change water
in vases/bowls every other day; remove water from flower pot
plates every other day, and add sand to the plates; turn over
all storage containers; remove stagnant water collected on
leaves, tree branches, and in drains, and clean roof gutters at
least once a month.

To prevent mosquito bites use a mosquito repellant containing
the insecticide DEET (concentration 30 to 35 percent) or
Picaridin (concentration 20 percent or greater for tropical
travelers). Also, dress in protective clothing (long-sleeved
shirts, long pants, socks, and shoes) especially during early
morning hours before daybreak and in the late afternoon before
dark when mosquitoes are most active. Keep unscreened windows
and doors closed and screened windows and doors in good

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), early
recognition of Dengue and prompt supportive treatment can
substantially lower the risk of developing severe disease.
Watch for warning signs as an initial fever often declines 3 to
7 days after the principal symptoms begin.

Go IMMEDIATELY to an emergency room or the closest health care
provider if any of the following warning signs appear:

Severe abdominal pain or persistent vomiting.

Red spots or patches on the skin.

Bleeding from nose or gums.

Vomiting blood.

Black, tarry stools (feces, excrement).

Drowsiness or irritability.

Pale, cold, or clammy skin.

Difficulty breathing.

American citizens traveling or residing overseas are encouraged
to register with the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate on
the State Department’s travel registration website at

For any emergencies involving American citizens, please contact
the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit of the U.S. Embassy.
The Consular Section Embassy is located at the corner of Cesar
Nicolas Penson Street and Máximo Gómez Avenue, Santo Domingo,
D.R.; telephone 809-221-2171; after hours ask to speak to the
duty officer; ACS unit fax 809-689-6142; e-mail; web page

For further information on Dengue and the Dominican Republic,
please visit the State Department’s website at, or
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) web site

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jack Phillips 18 Months Later

As I watched a local television news channel I recognized a face of someone who was alleged to have been involved with the Jack Phillips murder. His street name is pronounced 'Nee*voh,' and he is from San Jose de Ocoa. He was at the courthouse in Santo Domingo being interviewed. I didn't catch it from the beginning, but from what I gather he was being released after being held for 15 months. I then decided to go online to see what I could find out. According to published reports, the three people suspected of being involved with Jack's murder have been set free. Nothing mentioned of other leads, nothing.

Now what?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gay Pride

This Sunday in front of Cha's will be a gay pride caravan assembling to ride throughout the city to celebrate LGBT pride. This is being organized by Amigos Siempre Amigos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The surfers in Cabarete came up with an ingenious way to protest the closing of a beach there. They decided to surf nude. And I support them wholeheartedly.


It has been raining for the last two days STRAIGHT. Constant rain here is like a snowstorm in colder climates. Things don't shut down. Completely. But it is dead. People don't go out much. Appointments are not kept. When you ask about what happened you are inevitably told they couldn't make it because of the 'rain.' And this is predicted to go on 'til Saturday or Sunday, at the latest. Rain, rain, go away ...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mamajuana Cafe Santo Domingo

Mamajuana Cafe now has an outpost in Santo Domingo. This very successful chain with locations in Manhattan and Coral Gables, Florida, has opened their first restaurant in the Dominican Republic. Located in the exclusive Piantini section on Avenida Roberto Pastoriza#451, between Lincoln & Churchill. With the menu created by acclaimed chef Richard Cardona, a pioneer in nuevo criollo-latin cuisine. The hours are noon to one am, during the week, and three am on the weekends.

Mamajuana Cafe
Avenida Roberto Pastoriza #451
Piantini, Santo Domingo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Finally, something I can get excited about. Yesterday it was very stormy for a time in Santo Domingo, but we were still able to get out to the beach for a photo shoot.

Friday, May 28, 2010


There are many activities coming in the next few weeks. Like this Latin Hip Hop convention in Punta Cana this weekend. Dominican singer/writer, Rita Indiana, will be performing at Cha. This is what Cha is made for. EVENTS. This is genius and I think it will be a big success.Mr. Republica Dominicana 2010. This is an obvious choice.
Acropolis (mall) Fashion Week 2010. Featuring the best in Dominican fashion.
Santo Domingo Jazz Festival 2010 begins on June 11 and runs every Thursday through the of July, 2010, @ Casa de Teatro.
Robi Draco Rosa is a grammy-award winning singer and writer. He was a member of the Latino mega-group, Menudo. He also wrote two of Ricky Martin's biggest hits, Livin La Vida Loca, and She Bangs. He will be playing the Hard Rock Cafe next week. Click here to see him singing one of my favorite songs. This this might be for ladies only ...

Dynamic Beauty Spa and Salon

Just came across this site online. Have not been there yet, but it is definitely a welcome addition to the colonial area. According to their website they offer the full gamut of services at affordable prices.

Dynamic Beauty Spa & Salon
Calle Arzobispo Merino #209 (close to El Conde)
Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A few weeks ago I talked about a new place opening (opened April 15). Here is the information. It is called Kronos. It is an elegant lounge/club that is located in the El Vergel section of Santo Domingo. It is attracting a mixed (men and women), sophisticated clientele.

Calle Dr. Cesar Dargam #21
(Corner of La Lira directly behind Apec University)
El Vergel, Santo Domingo

Luis Abreu

New Dominican modeling superstar-in-the-making.


Red Bull Formula One
exhibition took place on the malecon last Sunday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

¿Que lo Que?

This has a been a stressful last couple of weeks. My laptop had slowed to a crawl, and I would have to reboot every 30 minutes. Every time I wanted to update the blog. It would turn to frustration. Finally, going deep into chat rooms and trying everything it is running much smoother now. Thank God!

The weather has been quite dreary lately. I can't complain at all because we have had months of drought. So the water is desperately needed. I just feel for those here on vacation looking for some sun. It peaks out every now and again, but the clouds are more prevalent.

Then cable in our area has switched from analog to digital. This is a great thing. Really. But there was no warning. Nada. Just one day the boxes you had didn't work. And bureaucracy here doesn't work quite like it should. So getting things handled in a timely manner is not a pressing matter for companies here. They could give less than a fuck about customer service. Period.

But, I still love it here. But there are days when it gets on your nerves. I understand that it is the way things are. I accept them and move on.

Expect many gay visitors this week from the U.S. for the Memorial Day holiday. Might have a little party. We'll see. The publishers of Odyssey Magazine were here and wrote about their antics above.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rubio Bar & Lounge

The highly-anticipated Rubio Bar and Lounge opens tonight.


Now, where were we?

Yesterday, national congressional/mayoral elections were held. I am glad that it is over. In the last couple of weeks there have been rallies in the colonial zone/malecon that have shut the area down. All the streets were like a parking lot.

The electoral process here is very interesting. The government pays for everything. All the parties are allotted money to pay for the campaign. And like politics everywhere, it is big business. Also, just like everywhere else, when election time comes you see a few improvements, along with some hefty promises. Our street was paved. A candidate running for congress came through the neighborhood and offered to fumigate everyone's house/apartment. Seems quite expensive, but that is how things are done. It is almost like people (at least some people) expect to be offered something. It is like they know that as soon as the election is over you won't be able to get shit out of the government. That is, until the promises start for the next election.

A 72-hour holiday was declared by the government. Alcohol sales were stopped Saturday night. Unfortunately that didn't stop several people from getting killed, and many more wounded in election violence around the country. There is a lot of money at stake. Today it is a holiday and it is eerily quiet. Yesterday, most businesses were closed, even the trusty colmadoes (corner stores) and it was a ghost town around here.

Some young progressives started a campaign telling people not to vote for anyone. Vota por Ninguno seems to have gained steam in the last few months. I think many people in the electorate have no faith in any political party here. The refrain I heard over and over was "they are all thieves." This would probably explain why it is estimated that less than 50% of those eligible actually voted. Early results have the ruling PLD party maintaining their grip on power. Democracy in action.