Sunday, July 18, 2010


The dog days of summer. The weather is overcast with intermittent rain. Seeds of change are in the air. Boredom. Work. What's next? I was going to put another video of police malfeasance, but I agree, it is time for some beauty. Here are some photos from the LeeStudiosNYC. These are nice, but he has SO MANY would you please go to his blog and implore him to post more.

The Dominican Republic's most wanted fugitive was caught in Puerto Rico yesterday. He escaped from jail in Puerto Rico in 1999, and has been on the lam ever since. He owned several million-dollar properties in the D.R., and traveled in highest realm of Dominican society. I believe there are a lot of prominent people in the Dominican Republic who are very nervous wondering what he is going to say. He was arrested under U.S. jurisdiction so it is very unlikely he will just be able to get out on bail, like people are able to do in the D.R. I see a movie being made very shortly. I wonder if anyone is going to collect the reward. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much!!! YES, more eye candy thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Should I ever be sooo lucky to find a man like that one on the beach!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Jose Figueroa negotiated his arrest with the FBI in Puerto Rico. If he had been arrested in the DR, he would be dead by now because influencial people with whom he had dealings in the DR (including police and politicians) do not want him to testify in a courtroom!