Tuesday, May 25, 2010

¿Que lo Que?

This has a been a stressful last couple of weeks. My laptop had slowed to a crawl, and I would have to reboot every 30 minutes. Every time I wanted to update the blog. It would turn to frustration. Finally, going deep into chat rooms and trying everything it is running much smoother now. Thank God!

The weather has been quite dreary lately. I can't complain at all because we have had months of drought. So the water is desperately needed. I just feel for those here on vacation looking for some sun. It peaks out every now and again, but the clouds are more prevalent.

Then cable in our area has switched from analog to digital. This is a great thing. Really. But there was no warning. Nada. Just one day the boxes you had didn't work. And bureaucracy here doesn't work quite like it should. So getting things handled in a timely manner is not a pressing matter for companies here. They could give less than a fuck about customer service. Period.

But, I still love it here. But there are days when it gets on your nerves. I understand that it is the way things are. I accept them and move on.

Expect many gay visitors this week from the U.S. for the Memorial Day holiday. Might have a little party. We'll see. The publishers of Odyssey Magazine were here and wrote about their antics above.



NIce write up Anthony, see you next month

Diandra said...

So now I understand why there were no postings... Rain rain go away, cause I'm coming to town to play!!! See you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

welcome back