Monday, July 25, 2005

Follow Up

It seems that the post about "Everyone's Looking for Love" elicited quite a few comments. A few wanted to know if I was talking about "them." I was not talking about any person specifically. It is a combination of the MANY stories I have witnessed and heard of over the years.

One person left a comment that I think bears responding to. He wanted to know if it is possible to meet a nice guy in the DR and possibly have a relationship with. Yes, it is. But you are not going to meet him in any gay club.

First, you MUST learn some Spanish. The more the better. If you love Paris you are never going to really enjoy it and partake of all it has to offer until you learn some French. Same thing in the DR and Spanish. This way you can meet people who are come from different walks of life, and are not just out for a dollar. But communication is the key. Also, learn about Dominican culture, music, and other things that Dominicans like.

All that said, because you are American if you meet someone who is nice and has job, it is more than likely that you will make much more money than he does. It is expected that you will pay for meals and such. Gay Dominicans who have an education, good jobs, are allowed to travel out of the country are not necessarily looking for an American to take care of them. Many might shun you for fear of what their friends might think (being perceived as a prostitute). But, it is possible.

There are several clients that I know of who have come down and met Gay Dominicans on Adam4Adam and other services. It is not about money, but sex. But, they are least able to communicate in Spanish.

I think another misconception that many Americans have about traveling here is that EVERYONE is dirt poor. That couldn't be further from the truth. Most places that tourists congregate are populated by people who want to make money off of them. Under those circumstances you are not going to meet people who are well-off.

In closing, learn the language, respect the people and the culture and be open to all possibilities.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Monaga,

I appreciated your comment a great deal. It was very inspiring and lifted my spirits in regards to the DR. So here I am- living 6 months a year in Malecon Centro. I want to meet some regular Dominican gay guys. I speak Spanish fluently- as I have worked in a number of Latin American countries and Miami is pretty Latino. So help a huy out Monaga :)- where do you think I can check things out? Where should I start my search. I also would love to meet Dominican and Non-Dominican gays guys for friendship. Again, thanks for the reply. I greatly appreciate it.