Friday, August 26, 2005


  • Last night I had a confrontation with the police. They arrested my papi, Gerardo. Fortunately, they took him to the police station and let him go. Gerardo and I both didn't handle it well. We went to the Sports Bar, then walked over to the Phoenix bar, but it was closing. We then walked back to the Pool Hall right next door to Paco's restaurant. As we are playing pool the police storm in and line everyone up against the wall. They didn't mess with Gerardo or I, in the beginning, but after they started taking everyone out the HDIC (Head Dominican-in-charge) decided to come over to see who in the fuck I thought I was. Before I could give him my identification he started patting my pockets, I stupidly slapped his hands away. He didn't like that. We had a few words and I told him I had no problem going to the police station (but, quite frankly I could've done without it). As Gerardo was standing next to me he asked to see his ID, too. Gerardo starting mouthing off to him, which was not smart, and then he said okay, you are coming with me. I panicked and became furious, but as there were 10 police in military fatigues all carrying shotguns, I thought the better of running my mouth. I gave Gerardo my cell phone, which made no sense, sense I couldn't now contact him. This had me thinking, I had a contact in the police, who of course was not answering his phone (mental note: need some late-night police contacts!) and so I went to get ready to go to the police station. Thank God I didn't, because they had taken him to another one. He was back 15 minutes later and all was well. There is a big push here to quash delinquency, so that they go on sweeps and pick up people who they suspect might be "bad people." The moral of the story is that if you are confronted by the police just speak english and show them a COPY of your passport and all will be well.
  • Well, it is has been getting very busy here. I'm not blogging as much as I can because I'm living in my new apartment building, for the most part, but we are still waiting to have the DSL installed. For those who complain about the United States, travel, and then you will see how lucky you are.
  • This past Sunday, Laurence Pinckney and I went to visit Narciso (photos above). We are looking for different things to do for Dominican Island Heat and thought having a barbecue at Narciso's place might be a great idea. We would bring in an inflatable pool, pool table, volley ball and other activities. He has a lot of land and it is up in the mountains and not to far from the area beach, so it might be able to work. We shall see.
  • I also had a meeting with some other business owners here about planning something for Thanksgiving weekend. We are going to get together and offer special activities and parties to take advantage of the unofficial start to the Fall travel season to the Dominican Republic. I think Monaga will give a party that weekend. More information as it becomes available.
  • I've been getting some great compliments on the blog. I even received one from Scott Poulson-Bryant, a writer whom (is this right, Scott? whom?) I have admired for years. When I go and read the blogs of folks that write for a living, I then come back and look at mine and try to make sure that I have tried to write at least some "decent English." Scott has a book coming out this Fall called "HUNG: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America." Go check it out at the link on right now.
  • Photographer extraordinaire, Sean Drakes, is here working on an assignment for a magazine in the States. He is going to be traveling around shooting some of the fabulous homes on the island. Can't wait to see the pictures. Check out his site, it is LOVELY!
  • Two of my favorite people just left Santo Domingo, John and Curtis. They come down for long weekends. We get together and catch up, but there time here is so short it is never enough. These are the kinds of people you wish all your friends were like. Supportive, nice great people who always give me encouragement and help keep me strong. John, I saw the email and promise to write back when I finish this blog. John has written an excellent blog entry on the Dominican Republic, please check it out. Take care guys, and God bless.
  • Everyone is getting ready for the Labor Day weekend. Mario Sessions is planning a few things. I will make sure to take some pictures of some of the festivities and share them with you. So, when are YOU coming down?


John K said...

Anthony, thanks for the beautiful words and for everything you're doing. Your blog remains a "must read"!

John K said...

Oops, I hit the publish button too quickly-- I also wanted to say I'm glad your and your papi's dicey encounter with the cops worked out, but please be careful.

SPB said...

hey man thanks for the kind words as's a small small world...i've known john keene for a loooooong time, since my days in college.
i'm planning a trip down to DR, so i'd like to talk to you if you have a minute. keep up the good blogging!