Saturday, September 03, 2005


It has been really hard to watch the coverage of the devastation of Hurrican Katrina to the Gulf Coast of the United States. I live in a 3rd-world country that is susceptible to hurricanes, so if the magnitude of the devastation on Louisiana, Miss. and Alabama are any indication, it would completely obliterate the DR.

I have read other blogs and many have written more eloquently than I ever could about the lack of help many of the Black and poor residents of that region are getting. I just watched a report on CNN showing Charity Hospital in New Orleans struggling to keep people alive as they wait to be evacuated. No lights, no water, running out of medicine and a good day is if no one dies. In the richest country in the world this is allowed to happen. While the hospital personnel is waiting to have very ill patients evacuated, on another roof the Coast Guard is evacuating personnel from another company. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!

I think everyone should donate whatever they can to the Red Cross, or any other organization helping out. Anything you can give can help some desperate people in need. Go to or call 1-800-Help Now. Also, it's tax deductable.

Keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers. They have a very long road before things there can ever be considered "normal" again.


Nena said...

Yes, I have family and very very close friends in New Orleans and still NO word. Actually upon my return from the DR, I was suppose to be at my best friends on the 29th to help with a party for his 85 year old mother. Due to the problem with the heel spur I called him and told him I couldn't take the flight that afternoon after an inspection of my apartment due to a complaint I filed. There was a guardian angel on my side and I hope and pray my family in slidell and new orleans had the same guardian angel. See you soon in SDQ

Nena said...

On a lighter note:
I find it fascinating how some "bugarones" want to be recipients as "western union boyfriends", hahahaha!!!I guess there are some or many that enjoy trips to the western union, LOL LOL! "homie don't play that" giggles! Out of sight out of mind! Well back to work Tues after 4 short weeks of vacation, damnit! I need to hit the lotto, hehe