Thursday, September 22, 2005

San Jose de Ocoa

Yesterday, Paul Culver and I went for a drive. We went to San Christobal, Bani, and then ended up in San Jose de Ocoa. Until I get on the highway I forget how absolutely beatiful this country is. Now, the photos that I have are not that great, and I didn't take any of any cute men (at least none that came out clearly), but Paul and I are going to try and go again tomorrow to San Jose de Ocoa. We'll see.

Again, for those that come here alot, travel around the country, you will love it. Ocoa is a beautiful small town that is really well-kept. Because they don't get many tourists, everywhere we went, the eyes were on us. I didn't have enough time to really explore it like I wanted, but I promise to go back and take some pictures and show you how beautiful the town and its people are. There are also some beautiful beaches in that region, I hear.

I tried to include some pictures, but Paul's camera is expensive and has a huge lens and I was taking all these pictures that were overexposed. I'm sorry, I'm just a cotton-headed ninny. Next time, I promise.


Nena said...

Maybe this time, i'll rent a car for us to hang out Anthony~

jh/fl said...

Waiting to here more about this little town and to see some of your pictures. We were there for a few hours and did not venture out to far. I'm sure that you've found lots of hidden treasure's.