Thursday, September 15, 2005

Scenes from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
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Anonymous said...

I have been to Salvador da Bahia and the culture and the people remind me alot of Santo Domingo.
They are a very happy and colorful people with great food (mixed african and brazilian cuisine with a bit of Portuguse thrown in for good measure). It is very expensive to get there from the States but once your there the prices are almost identical to the Dominican Republic.
I stayed in the Barra Region which is right on the beach and stayed at a Brazilian hotel rather than the American 5 star resorts. I stayed at the Grande Hotel da Barra which had a, all you can eat, huge hot and cold buffet every morning from 6am until 11am. It included all kinds of fresh squeezed fruit juices, fresh sliced and peeled fruit or every variety imaginable, coffee, milk, eggs, bacon, liguica, chourizo, many different kinds of breads and muffins, cereals, yougurts, teas and so much more.

They also had a beautiful in-ground heated swimming pool and room with balconies that overlook the beach. A great dinner for 2 in 2001 was $29 USD including tip. The meal consisted of warm bread with butter, caesar salad, soup, lobster tail and filet mignon, potatoe and vegetable, flan pudding and expresso coffee and two good bottles of Merlot from California. We also had two national drinks afterwards and watched the Jazz Music for the evening in the restaurant with an ocean view. That was the most expensive meal we had in 16-days in Salvador da Bahia in late Jan to mid February.

The Hotel cost us $48 per night for two people in a double room with balcony over looking the ocean. Guests are allowed in the room and a small tip to the doorman is appreciated and will take care of any problems you have with getting your guests to the room should any arise. Great beach located within 25 feet from the front door of the hotel. Great Weather in Jan and Feb. Nice gay community and it is not as dangerous with crime as Rio de Janeiro (where I have been 5 times). If the airfare from the US wasn't anywhere from $1600 to $2000 USD then I would go more often but those types of airfare for coach is outrageous.

Had a great time in Bahia and recommend that anyone who wants to go should do so. I must say that not speaking portuguese would be a big problem in Salvador. Luckily I learned to speak it fluently in the 80's and so I had no problem whatsoever.

That's my 2 cents worth. Any Questions I would be glad to answer.