Friday, September 23, 2005

Sports Bar

There was a rumor going around that the Sports Bar was raided and David Lee possibly arrested, because he was stealing electricity. This rumor started because the Sports Bar was closed on Monday, and it WAS because there was a problem with the electricity, though not that it was stolen. There have been major problems with the electricity in the Colonial Zone with power surges and the like. I have even had problems with microwaves being burnt out.

I have spoken with David and we had a nice chuckle about it. No, there was no raid at the Sports Bar, and no David wasn't stealing electricity. Again, if the person spreading these rumors would worry about their own business ... well, I don't know why I keep saying it. They will never learn.

See you at the Pool Hall!


Anonymous said...

And The Beat Goes On.....You are right about the electric problems, not only in the colonial zone, but all over the city and country. I will say this, that you guys doing business down there have a great challenge. I've been to The Sports Bar when there was no electricity in the street and they were running on a power generator and thier place was like a lighthouse on a dark street, making us all feel welcome. And you Anthony have provided your clients with power back-up systems in all your apartments, which shows me that you guys care and while lights mean money for you, it means that you are also providing us tourist with entertainment and accommodations that otherwise would not happen if it were not for your back-up power systems. I say to those people who need to find fault and spread rumors, GET A LIFE!!!!

Nena said...

I'm glad that David and Anthony are looking out for each other (have each other's backs). Brotherhood!

New Wave Black Man said...

One day I am only going to hear good news about black businesses' down there. The electricity problem won't be getting better any time soon according to DR 1 but what can get better is the support of you trailblazers down there. So sick of hearing of the rumors and scandal. Let's hear some good news. Remember...Dominican Island Heat II is coming March 1-6, 2006 ( . Now that's good news right?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that it was just a "rumour". People need a life I swear! I had a feeling that is was a life. David is an upstanding person and business man. Keep up the good work David!

Monaga said...

I tell ya, it always amazes me how many folks are waiting to hear something BAD about those of us who are trying to do business here. I wonder why. Fuck 'em David, continue to do your thing!

Mario Sessions said...

David I here you are having a pool party:
dont let me get on a plane and come down there.

+ water
+ boys
= A Hot night!!!

Calling........ USAir "USAir may I help you..."

Mario "Yes... one ticket to Santo Domino Oct 7-9."

USAir" Sir we have a few seats open for that flight do you want to make rsvp?

Mario "Yes i do"
USAir " Ok I have 2 night for Santo Domingo is that correct?

Mario "Yes it is"

USAir " May I asked whats going on down there?"

Mario " Sure... well this great guy that owns a pool hall in Santo Domingo is have a Pool party at the PoolHall on Saturday night"

USAir " hmmm all of this for a Pool Party at a Pool Hall"

Mario " Hell yeah.... YOU just don't UNDERSTAND here is his website:"

USAir " Oh ok well we have you booked for October 7-9 Santo Domingo. have a great time"

Mario " Oh I will Trust me"