Thursday, October 27, 2005


* I am now just getting back to my computer after some time. There was a problem with the DSL in my area and my computer experienced a bad case of power surge (though it is on a surge protector). I found someone who I think will help me greatly with my computer concerns, he was able to get some stuff off the my hard-drive, though it is corrupted. My Vonage was also out for that length of time, and I don't know why the phone call doesn't go straight to voice-mail. Well, anyway, I'm back at my own computer and catching up on a lot of work.

* It is almost time to say goodbye to a good Monaga friend, Marlynn S. He has been with us for almost a month and will be leaving shortly to go back and practice the Spanish he was studying in Santo Domingo. Marlynn is another of those rare visitors that we wish all the people stayed here were like. We're gonna miss you, Marlynn. Seriously. But I'm sure you will be back one day. Right? We'll continue our classes by email.

* Kenny Still just left after staying a quick week. He and Laurence Pinckney are producing the
Dominican Island Heat event and they were down here getting things together. Don't forget, next March 1 through 6, 2006. James Saunders also came down to see what was going on. He came down for a short weekend and got to stay longer because of Hurricane Wilma, and Spirit Airlines. I was staying at Kenny's place for a while (Thanks, Kenny!), and those who've been there can attest to how nice it is. Kenny surprised me with this visit and knowing how much he likes things clean, neat and in a certain order we had to get the apartment in tip-top shape. How did we do Kenny? Okay, don't answer that.

* Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and that is the unofficial beginning to the high-season here in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo. It seems like we are going to have a lot of people coming down for the long weekend. Was told that I could have a party at ARENA, but still have not signed on the dotted line. Am looking at other options now because we can't wait. There are also some great things planned for that weekend to keep everyone occupied, David Lee, Jerry Gibbs and Orlando have put some activities together, check out for more information.

* Orlando, owner of
Parios has added go-go boys in his bar on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and has a drag show this Saturday night featuring Sophia Monegro. For more information email Orlando at

* Met some really nice guys here working on long-term investment projects with the European Commission. Helping them find some places to live in the Colonial Zone. Everyone wants to live in the Colonial Zone. It is going to be really nice to see what transpires in this area over the next couple of years. I got my good camera fixed, so now I can really go take some nice pictures of the apartments and buildings in the area.

* Yesterday there was a shooting on the set of Miami Vice here in the Colonial Zone. It seems that some man was inebriated and decided to go across the set brandishing a gun. One of the military men guarding the set had other ideas and shot the man, whom I sure regrets his actions (at least I hope so). Cast and crew were evacuated to their hotels and shooting was delayed. All was well today.

I don't believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process. -- Oprah Winfrey

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