Saturday, October 29, 2005


* Today the sun was shining bright and hot as hell, but that is good thing. I, for one, will be glad when the whole hurricane season is over (officially November 30). Today was also payday, so everyone was out and about shopping and just enjoying the day. It seems everyone will be out at the some club/bar tonight partying, if all the shopping is any indication.

* Last night the Sports Bar was hopping with many locals and a lot of tourists in town. Very, very festive. Saw some friends who came down for a quick weekend fix. Anyway, was really, really nice. Well, except for a group that seemed to be standoffish and constantly looking like they smelled shit. Oh well.

* I have been reading the many comments and emails from people commenting on my blog entries. I really appreciate all the feedback, even the negative ones. One of the recurring themes that keeps coming up is that because we are gay Black Americans living here that we should all be joining hands and singing kumbaya. Well, unfortunately we are all humans, and as such we all (including me!) have our own idiosyncrasies. Isn't the same drama going in the States? I mean I guess it would be different if all Black people (agencies, politicians, corporate america, etc.) were getting along so well in the States, well let me tell you, THEY ARE NOT! I guess I'm just tired of hearing how we should all just get along here because we are not in the States. Don't get me wrong, I think we should all get along too, but I am only one person and can't make anyone do anything they don't want. It is a two-way street. Right?

* To that end, yesterday a truck pulls up and it is the electric company. They came to check our meters and wanted to go inside the apartments to check things out. It seems that someone made a complaint that I was obtaining electricity fraudently. They checked everything out and we got the all-clear. They saw that our meters weren't working properly and told us that we need to have the technicians come out and fix them. Well, in this country it could take months to get done. So I asked them if they would like to make some extra money when they get off work. They come back, do the work and then tell one of my employees that they have to go look at other businesses in the area. He shows us the paper and the other businesses are on Arzobispo Nouel, Jose Reyes and Palo Hincado. I'm sure it is just a coincidence, but businesses on those streets are Jay-Dee's, The Sports Bar and Parios. Again, I'm sure it is just a coincidence. The Devil is busy, Part II. What was that comment someone made a few weeks ago, always quoting scripture, but a disciple of lucifer. INDEED!

* The local hustler bar has closed. It seems for renovations. So many rumors are swirling around and you just don't know what to believe. I have heard that it will be a invitation-only bar for a V.I.P. clientele. To that end there is supposed to be a party where the French Ambassador is supposed to come. Again, these are just the rumors floating around. I guess we will find out if, and when they open again. I, of course, will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Anthony, thanks for absorbing the many comments,taking the high road and we pray that you will remain there. Yes, I too wish we could just all get along, but the reality is - it can't always happen. The only satisfaction comes when you know that you have done the best that you can do and pray about it while doing it. Hang in there and handle your business.

Mario Sessions said...

Wassup Anthony thanks for the updates I will be over soon to check things out. But for the time being I will just have to read the Blog. Tell every one I said hello and have a good Thanksgiving I dont think I can make it this year but who knows I might just take the jet over for that weekend but of course jet fuel cost!

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Anonymous said...

Previous posts about "gay unity" and all gay people uniting to become a greater force for acceptance and gay rights were not directed towards you Anthony. I understand who you are and where you are coming from. You would be more than willing to help others without being asked.

Those comments were not also towards any of the other gay americans living in the DR but more towards this "Lucifer" character who seems to be plaguing the gay community in Santo Domingo. Hopefully one day this guy will wake up an realize that all his actions will come to bite him in the a$$ and he will end up coming to all the rest of you begging for help when the authorities come up with charges (be they real or made up) against him. At that time he will realize that he took the wrong path and should have united with all the other gays in a show of force. My prediction is that this realization will come to late and all his bridges will be burned. He is looking at a dark future in the DR is he continues with his antics. I hope he is reading this and wakes up. This is not a message only to the gay Americans in the DR but to gays everywhere. Can you imagine what we could do politically here in the USA if we all voted and backed just one candidate or one law or bill in government? There would be no stopping us. OK..OK..I am off my soapbox but I just wanted to give this evil person something to think about. Wouldn't it be nice if we all boycotted his business and he made money from the tourists at all? He and his trust fund would hurry back to the US in no time. Best of luck to all of you. Hopefully this person will leave Santo Domingo for good and we can have a large party soon.

Anonymous said...

How sad are these people I have worked for years with the less than desirable people in the States and I can tell you they hang together better...Please stop all the back biting and enjoy what you have life is way to short to be a bitch about everything. How i miss Laurence but it back back from that evil one and lest have some real fun

Anonymous said...

I am devistated to hear that the buggarone club is closed. But I won't let that stop me from returning in late Feb thru early March 2006. I am sure there will be another located when I could pick out an escort like I pick tomatos in the supermarket.