Saturday, November 12, 2005


Michael used to be one of the nicest guys you could meet. He had a car, and an arrogance that was mildly appealing. Unfortunately, drugs have gotten the best of him.

Very late Thursday night he followed a tourist walking back to his hotel and snatched his watch off his arm. The watch was a Rolex and very expensive. I have spoken to many tourists and warned them against wearing expensive jewelry, and walking down dark streets alone, late at night.

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is relatively safe, but caution should always be used when walking home by yourself late at night. The same thing applies here as in any other big city:
  1. Don't wear expensive jewelry, especially at night.
  2. Constantly check your surroundings when walking late at night. If it seems a little dicey, take a cab. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Understand that there are people who are up to no good who may be watching you, so don't flash your money around.
  4. Be careful about who you take back to your hotel. If you meet someone, try and see if anyone else knows him.
  5. Watch your alcohol in-take!

Lastly, if you see Michael, RUN!

You have been warned!


Mario Sessions said...

Thanks Anthony for the tips, you make sure that all of your clients are safe. I have witness it, not once but many times. I remember you flip your wig when you found out that me and a few friends gave Michael a ride back from the beach and after that I knew not to F***k with him. I saw Michael on my next trip down and he called me over I went the other way because I did not want to go to jail for killing someone over a cell phone and a few peso's. Thanks again for the warnings

Anonymous said...

Thanks...Anthony for your very true tips. As a veteran visitor, I cringe when I see new tourists here wearing all their gold, the expensive watches and flashing rolls of money and carrying their wallets in their rear pockets. Your advice is what I have done for quite some jewelry, always a COPY of my passport and only enough money for the evening. I had Michael once and didnt particulary enjoy him but I am glad to know that he is a thief and to be avoided.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. there is one particular policeman named Martinez who is an expert at extorting money from the gay tourists and he always seems to be around gay venues. He is very handsome and uses that in order to get the extortion started. He usually is on a motorbike.

Anonymous said...

Anthony is right...ths guy will steal anything! On one of visits to Santo Domingo I met Michael and took him own. I also was not impressed with his sexual prowness in the bedroom. After we were done, he went to take a shower and then I did with the key to the room safe around my neck. Since he couldn't get any of my money or jewelry out of the safe he stole my new Unico underwear and left his dirty underwear behind in my drawer. All he took was a clean pair of underwear but it was enough to gross me out. His underwear was SOOOOO dirty that I was pissed that they were even in the drawer with my underwear.

If he will go as far as stealing underwear then he'll take anything he can get his hands on. I now avoid him like the plague when I see him.

Anonymous said...

He was a bugarron since he was young, he is very famous in the internet, his alias is Chiquito, go to or to see him in his full glory.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I meet this kid two years ago. He never stole but tried to intimidate me.

Not... I chased him down calle Estrretta after he came kocking on my window. Its horrifying what drugs or any addiction can do. He has since robbed two people I know.

AVOID him at all cost.... Like Tony have been warned!!!!.