Thursday, November 10, 2005

Looking for an Apartment?

Well, if you is, I just went to see a really nice one on the Malecon. They had 3 apartments in the building, and we are in the process of renting one to a good friend of Monaga. But, there are 2 left, one is a unfurnished 2-bedroom, the other is a 3-bedroom duplex with a huge terrace.


Mario Sessions said...

Anthony im coming 12/2-5 I want to see one of them how much? holla back damn!

David said...

The apartment looks beautiful.
How much is the rent?
Also what is the condominium market like?

Monaga said...

There is a very vibrant condominium market here. You can rent this apartment for $1200 per month.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful apartments, but they are too expensive for my budget since I am already paying one mortgage in PR. What happened to the apartments in the $500-$600 range that you were advertising in your Real Estate section? I know that most were rented out but there must be others around that you can show us!
From Puerto Rico,