Monday, November 28, 2005

More Photos

Photos from the top:
1. Crowd @ Sports Bar Thursday night
2. Contestants in the "Mr. Pool Stick Contest" @ The Sports Bar
3. Crowd @ Arena Saturday night
4. David Lee with Osvaldo, winner of "Mr. Pool Stick Contest"


Eddie said...

The photos look great, Anthony! It's evident from the photos that folks were having a healthy and festive Thanksgiving in Santo Domingo. I hope that you and the other gay business owners had a profitable one, as well!

I am looking so forward to returning to Pinga Paradise in January. I haven't been there since May. And I hope it becomes so cold in NYC before I leave that the Hudson River freezes over!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It seems like everybody was out in full force. I will be there for New Year's, so what's up with that? I hope that you guys keep the fires burning until my arrival. My regards to all!
From Puerto Rico,