Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching, and everyone here is getting busy with sprucing things up. It is going to be a very busy couple of weeks for me. I have several friends coming down and it will be catch up and gossip time.

Don't forget that David and Jerry have put together some diversions for everyone when they come down. There will even be a Thanksgiving dinner at Jerry's restaurant, CafE'lectico (pictured above), which is being prepared by Sylvester Paige. Click here for more information.

I keep getting asked what do I want people to bring down for me. Well, because I'm such a nice guy I have decided to compose a list:
  • Magazines: People, OK, Vanity Fair, Economist, New Yorker, Star, Enquirer, anything
  • Food: Bagels, Cheesecake, Raisin Bran Crunch, any kind of Tropicana/Dole juices
  • Toiletries: Kiehl's anything, Clinique facial scrub, any kind of lotion/creme from the Body Shop
  • DVD: The Golden Girls (I haven't seen them in almost 2 years!), Brazilian Porn
  • La Casa Rosada Orphanage: clothes, books, checks, etc.

Okay, that's all I can think of now. Just come on down already!


Anonymous said...

OK Anthony - Will see you Friday evening. How many (and what numbers) of the Capoeria DVDs do you already have? Probably the whole collection? (Smile) I'll see what I can scrounge up.

Can't wait to see you and the new apartments! It's going to be a great 10 days! I know you and David and everybody else are really putting out for this Thanksgiving. Thanks for making it such an inviting treat!


David said...

What is the address of La Casa Rosada Orphanage?

New Wave Black Man said... can send Donations to:
La Casa Rosada
Av. Prol. Venezuela,
C/Isabel Aguiar “Loly” Los Tres brazos Sto. Dgo. Este, Rep. Dom.

check out for video and more information about the organization. If you are coming to DR anytime soon you should take donations in person.

Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks for taking the high road when it comes to being inclusive of all those who at times seem to only have their own interest at heart.

Hopefully one day everyone in our community, visitors and business owners will realize that we are all connected.

Gay travelers want options when visiting Santo. We want the Sport bar, we want JD's, we want Jerry's resturant, we want Monaga Apartments, we want Monaga paties, we want Friends, we want DHI2 and beyond. We need to support each other. This isn't rocket science and we are all relatively intellegent folk.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo sorry that I will not be able to make it for Thanksgiving celebrations! Dinner and related activities look great! So what are you cooking up for New Year's Celebrations? I will be there then. Inquiring minds want to know!!
From Puerto Rico,

David said...

Thanks, New Wave Black Man for your
info on La Casa Rosada Orphanage.
I will try and make a donation when I go to the DR in February.