Thursday, November 17, 2005


* It has been awhile since I have written anything personal about what is going on here. Right now, things are starting to switch into high-gear because of the Thanksgiving crowd coming. I have been working on my site and trying to get things together with these webcams. I have a great computer guy here, but he is the most unreliable motherfucka you will ever meet. This guy is just brilliant. Taught himself English, computers and everything. If he doesn't know something, he will learn it and come back and teach me. BUT, he will just disappear for days or weeks on end. Then always come back with some bullshit excuse. I feel like a battered wife. I know, I should just leave him, but why do I always come back?...

* The weather here has been really beautiful. It has rained everyday, but for maybe 15 minutes. Then the sun comes back out and it is lovely. Very low humidity and don't need the air-conditioning. Just beautiful. November 30 is the "official" end to the hurricane season, and I (along with everyone else) can't wait.

* This past summer/fall has been pretty slow here for tourists visiting. At least in Santo Domingo. Punta Cana has been doing booming business. Now that it is starting (FINALLY!) to get cold in the States people are now making their plans to come down for a visit. No one thinks about traveling to a warm climate when it warm where you are. It is like seeing sweaters and coats in the windows of Macy's and there is a heatwave going on. No one is buying then. Just wait til it gets cold, and now it is getting cold.

* Mario Sessions is planning his annual birthday party for next March, a week after Dominican Island Heat. For more information check out Mario's site at

* It has been brought to my attention that Ariel, the criminal from several posts down, is very upset with me for putting his photo on the blog. He seems to have been egged on by same "devil worshipping shit starter" who lives here. It seems that there have been some threats made. Now, I don't know what to believe because so many rumors go around all the time. But, I do know this, if anything should happen I know exactly WHO to blame and then it will be ON! I have promised my friends that I was going to try and take the high road, but some motherfuckas just don't get it.

* There have been some recent cases of Malaria reported in the Dominican Republic. There are no reports of any in Santo Domingo, but I just thought you should be aware.For more information:


Anonymous said...

Seems like you have a busy Month in March last year I attend the DIH, but I heard that Mario's Birthday party was a hit too. Now I dont know what to do. All so I hear that Monaga Apartments has a sale going on can someone give me more details where can I find that information?

Anonymous said...

Well, Let me quess who the devil is ? it never goes to say. Can't wait to see everyone and see my long time friends. See you soon.
Davanita, David Brownlee

Anonymous said...

I second you Anonymous (first post) I had a great time at DIH but it was too many people not enough boys to go around so im waiting for Mario's Event which I heard was nice. less Americans equals more boys

Anonymous said...

Hopefully DIH2 will be a smashing sucess. One comment though about marketing it as "Indulge in guilty pleasures" (from the website).

The word guilty has such a strong, negative connotation. If this is a persons first visit to DR and is considering coming down to enjoy the DIH festivities, throwing the word guilt in to the mix may give cause for pause; It makes it seem like something wrong is going on down there.

DIH2 promotors may want to rethink the wording. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Guilty pleasures meant to me, good food, good people, vacation, hot sex, tropical drinks. Guess it depends on where your mindset is. I thought it was kind of a cool concept myself.

I was at both the Dominican Island Heat and the Mario event. True there were less people in town for Mario's birthday but the men from American at Dominican Island Heat were so fine that I found that there were plenty of "boogies" to go around because the American's were having so much fun with each other. Goes to show you that people can be at the same place and the same time and have a totally different experience.

Anonymous said...

I second you (above) I was too at both events, well I came at the end of DIH1 and stayed over for Mario's Birthday event a week later it was less people from the States but from what I saw, less equal more Boggies and they was all over Mario's event. Seem like the news got out late for DIH about Americans in town so when the Boggies came from the Country hillsides it was plenty for Mario's Event.