Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Playa Palenque

Photos from top to bottom:
1. Beach at Palenque
2. River, on the way to Palenque
3. Abandoned pier on Palenque Beach
4. Pool at the Hotel Playa Palenque

For those who visit and want something a little different that Boca Chica, why not checkout Palenque on your next visit. Over an hour Southwest of Santo Domingo is the charming small town of Palenque. Now, this is NOT the place to go if you want resorts or luxury amenities. But, if you are looking for something nice, not touristy and can just go relax and really soak in the Dominican culture, this is the place to go. Please don't wear your thong and act a fool, 'cause they don't get many tourists there and it is where the local Dominicans gather and it's really laid-back and mellow.

Many thanks to George Taylor for providing the pictures for this post!


Anonymous said...

Well another favorite place exposed! I have been driving up to Playa Palanque for almost ten years and it always is eventful drive and beach. The water is usually not clear like it is at Boca Chica and on weekends, when families throng to the beach, the water can become quite muddy looking. I would recommend some aqua shoes because of the rocks and debris, but the food is good and the music loud and the people are friendly as are the dogs. They don't get many tourists here so Anthony's advice not to be outrageous is right on point. That said, it is one of my favorite spots to visit, plus the drive to get there is fun too!

David said...

I think I'll arrange for a tour into the countryside the next time I'm there.

Anonymous said...

I actually visted Playa Palenque several years ago during my first visit to SD. Anthony is right, the village is filled with the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet. I had a great time drinking beer and watching the kinds jump off the pier. There was music and the ladies were very kind to dance with me and my buddy.

Mr. Washington said...

There are so many hidden spots off the beaten path. I will be discussing a few of them in my blog.
(shameless plug) I really enjoy the opportunities to enjoy the culture and the people, as opposed to only doing the tourist traps.

Anonymous said...

Palenque is a beautiful beach, but I wouldn't give those horrible people at the Hotel Playa Palenque another cent of my money....ever!!! I had a couple of nice lunches there, and the wife was always trying to push the most expensive items on me, no big deal, I'm used to that down there, then I made the awful mistake of staying there one time. This horrible witch kept turning off my A/C because she thought I was spending too much tie in the room and air conditioning is expensive she said. Excuse me? You don't turn off the electricity of a patron in your establishment because you've determined they've used enough air conditioning! She is a horrible wretched cheap S.O.B and I will never stay there, never eat there, never recommend that place to anyone ever! And it's a shame too, because it could have been a very pleasant place and she ruined it! I never really use the "C" word for anybody...but if I did, it would be for her, may she rot in hell!!!