Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's Going On?

Photos from top:
1. Malecon in Santo Domingo @ 4:02pm Tuesday
2. NYC a couple of days ago

* Yesterday was a warm day. Beautiful, but the sun was shining brightly. I thought it was hot, until I looked at the news in NYC and saw that it was cold as hell! I then started to feel good and realized, I'm damn sure glad I'm not in the cold. I do miss NYC during the Christmas season, and shopping and seeing the Alvin Ailey Dance Co. at City Center. Oh well, next year. Several people who have been here have remarked how different it is to see Christmas lights and trees in the Caribbean, and how somehow it is not the same. For me, it is fine. Christmas lost the real meaning for me many years ago. Now, it is just a commercial enterprise and a time to go deeper in debt for most people.

* My DSL has been down for a couple of days. There seems to be another problem in the area. When my DSL is down my Vonage number doesn't work and I'm missing important calls. Well, I unplugged the Vonage modem and the DSL seems to be working fine. Will have someone check it out tomorrow.

* I can't blame my DSL problems for not blogging. It has been crazy around here. We have rented another apartment and I will be overseeing the design and decorating of the apartment, which should be very interesting. The place that I blogged about some time ago, Basquiat, is doing the interior design. They are going to make all the furniture, fixtures and everything. The project is being handled by Cesar Alvarez Espaillat, who is an architect, along with being an interior designer. He is also the manager for the Basquiat store. I will showing pictures of the progress of the work and will give more information on the store and the young and talented Mr. Espaillat.

* I will having a birthday dinner at Jerry Gibbs' restaraunt, CafeE'clectico this Saturday, December 17, 2005. If you are in Santo Domingo stop by and join us if you're in town. Should be very nice time. Another friend, Raleigh is here and will be celebrating his birthday with me, too. I'll take some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Anthony, I am so over the cold wheather already and it's not even so called winter yet. As I write this it is 20 degress at my house just outside of D.C. Absolutly everything is commercially driven, and people don't seem to have a sense of self. That is what I enjoy about the DR and other places like it. It's raw, real, authinic and it is, just what it is and I love it. Places such as San Juan have started to look and feel just like the states and that I feel is sad.