Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Day

Hola everyone. I took an extended break to move and hang out with friends, and to get over a very stubborn chest cold. I’m feeling much better today and I promise to be more diligent with keeping up the blog. All I have heard is PLEASE write something. Okay, here is something.

The weather today here is BEAUTIFUL. For some it is too breezy, but for me it is gorgeous. Though this weather can be a bit too cold for some Dominicans. I have seen people wearing winter bubble coats, to a woman in the mall with a fur jacket. Yes, a fur jacket.

It was really nice having Brad, Angelina, Matt and Robert here filming a movie, but I for one am glad that they are leaving. The traffic in the Colonial Zone was horrendous because they are filming here and blocked off several streets. Angelina has more security than the president. It doesn’t help either that there are all these photographers here trying to get a picture of her and Brad. Most of the crew checked out of the Hilton and moved to the Sofitel, to get away from all the drama. Angelina and Brad have really explored the island while here, they have gone out to restaurants, went to Bayahibe and Samana and are said to be looking for some vacation property. They even went to Haiti for a day to help with a charity sponsored by Wyclef Jean. Nice people, but go home! LOL!

This past Saturday night was a 5th anniversary party for Eddie and Samuel. It was given in the spot where they first met, Bar Phoenix, now called Bar Friends. From all reports it was very nice and well-attended. Happy Anniversary Eddie and Samuel and here’s to another 5 years. I have included some photos.

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