Monday, January 30, 2006

This and That

Well, let's see, what is going on now...

First, I thought I would address some rumors going around. I'm reminded of Oprah Winfrey and the rumor that Stedman was having an affair with her hairdresser. I remember she came on her show and just went off about how it was untrue, and blah, blah, blah. Of course now I understand completely how she feels. Several people, some good friends, have come to me to tell me that the word on the street is that I have a cocaine and "buggaron" problem. When I first heard it I thought I would just smile and hold my head up, you know, how I thought Oprah should've acted back then. But, as always there is a time when you have to address certain things and just call it for what it is, bullshit.

I am not naive to think that just because I have written here that those rumors are not true that tomorrow those who wish me ill will somehow go "oh, I'm so glad it is not true." I am just responding to it so that it is on the record.

There is another rumor going around. I have gotten several emails and been pulled to the side and asked whether a certain American here has purchased the Venezia Hotel. I have told everyone that I have no knowledge of any such thing, though I would find it highly unlikely. My sources tell me it is the usual nonsense. I then remarked that I heard that said American had also purchased the building next to Jay Dee-s, which we now know was not true. But, then again, stranger things have happened.

One of the greatest things about living here and doing what I do is that from time-to-time I get to meet some really nice people. One such person was Paul Lawson. Paul was fortunate while he was here to hang out with Tyson, Sean and I and he just integrated himself in the group very nicely. Paul really got a nice vacation. We did a lot of traveling around and we told Paul he could hang with us and we took him to everywhere. It was great meeting you Paul!

This past weekend was very nice. On Friday, I went to an invitation-only birthday soiree at Jerry Gibb's restaurant, Cafe'cletico. Jerry was turning 39 (again!), and decided to have a little shindig to celebrate. Well, no one was disappointed, as the food, drink and conversation (not to mention the scrumptious cake!) were great. Sitting next to me was Mike, and I'm afraid we are not going to be allowed to sit together again, as we were cracking each other up all through dinner. It didn't help that we were downing quite of bit of wine. Great time, great people and thanks to Jerry for the invitation. And one last time, Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Then on Saturday, I was hanging out with Ernest Montgomery and his posse of photographers, stylists and make-up folk. They were doing a magazine shoot which started out in Ernest's new apartment (with Monaga handling the real estate!) in the Colonial Zone. Then it moved on to the Parque de Independenica. From there I took them out to the beach house in Guayacanes, where everyone was duly impressed. From there it was on to this beautiful restaurant on the beach in Juan Dolio called Aqua (I hope I have the name right). This place is magnificent. It is right on the beach and has beds done up in white and the cars in the parking lot said that this wasn't a place for the short-of-cash.

During this day I got to meet a true Dominica Princess, Monica. For those that don't understand that there is some serious money in the DR, hanging with Monica will set you straight, in a hurry. She knows EVERYBODY! When we went to the restaurant, she knows the owner. If a high-end car is needed, then maybe one from her family (Maserati, Mercedes, etc.) can be used. Need a shot on a boat, then she would call her friend in Casa de Campo and it was done. As befitting a Dominican Princess, she is well-traveled and speaks several languages fluently. She has just moved to NYC a few months ago, BUT, she does not live in Washington Heights, thank you. She has a little pied-a-terre on 74th off Park. She was a lot of fun.

The model for the day was Renata Sone, Miss Dominican Republic 2005 (also 1st runner-up for Miss Universe!). Talk about gracious, kind and NO attitude whatsoever. Just a joy being around. Another favorite was the stylist, Pam. Beautiful Black woman with style just easing out of every pore. Funny, charming and just nice. Now, what was I doing there? Uh, basically nothing but being a raconteur. Telling them of my many exploits in the Country, and introducing them to the owners of the beach house in Guayacanes, oh yeah, and I was there to help pick out restaurants and drink and eat. And boy am I exhausted. I wanted to go with them today to Casa de Campo, Altos de Chavon, Isla Saona and all. But, then I was told it was a 6:30am call for everyone to meet and just told them to bring me a doggie bag when they go to the fab restaurants.

Okay, I´m downloading all the photos now and they should be up by this evening.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Anthony had that been true what an addiction I would love to have to go to rehab for (smile). Everything from the birthday to the exploits on the photo shot, ect. are amazing.

the Allen gallery said...

Goooooooood Lawd, this sounds like fun!! Pictures look great. Also good to see Scotch and Byron. Hope all is good. See you in March.


Anonymous said...

In regards to the rumor of the Venicia Hotel being bought, I've heard a great many stories of purchases of hotels, restaurants and I even heard that the heretofore nameless person is also incharge of and running the tour & concierge desk at the Santo Domingo Hilton Hotel. Now you tell me how some fly by night American with a little mini van, a big mouth and looking like a wild person in a headrag, can waltz into a latin country, controled by major travel and tourist syndicates like Caribe Tours and pluck the prize jewel of hotels. Me thinks not. All of it is a lot of talk, why all the bs about all these fantacy projects is beyond me. Nameless took a perfectly good bar, that was making money hand over fist and gutted it and turned it into a palace and ran away all the clients. Now the rumor of the purchase of a busy, always full hotel, what will be done with that, turn it into another palace and run all the clients away from there also. I don't know where nameless go his business degree from, but he should ask for his money back, cause they are teaching all the wrong approaches to doing business. Or is it all about nameless and what he wants. Well girl if you can afford to buy a bar and keep it running without clients and now buy a hotel for over 2 million, then you got plenty of money. I sure wish I had your investors, or do I?

Simbul said...

Just live, Anthony, and don't mind your frenemies!! Will be there 15 - 19 Feb and hope to meet you again.

food To Think About said...

As a Minority who is in business it’s sad to see so much girlish writings in the blogs. I take my hat off to anyone who will venture out of a secure job setting to invest in there own business opportunities. What’s wrong with reinvesting capital back in to a business, in which all customers would expect this in return at some point in time? Do these so called businessmen really understand business? Or is this noise because they want to do business in DR, and just take….. and pretend to give back. There is much more than Thanksgiving dinners and patting each other on the back. Were are the free condoms.

Instead of the pubic noise and the rumors, wouldn’t it make more since for all to provide a quality product to attract more foreign visitors and locals? When I see pictures of those clubs there and my visits, its not to inviting as a tourist or a guest. Or is it because, it’s sex that is being sold.

The gay businesses club owners need to get there acts together, you know you would not survive in anywhere else with this type of behavior. I do not know the owner of “Friends” nor do I want to, but he at least did a nice job within a budget. How about the other clubs owners, what’s stopping you from doing the same at a pace that would allow given a budget. With the exception to one other club, these clubs really need a face lift.

As far as his personal looks are concerned, take a look at your own personal flamboyant dress, and stop calling the kettle black. In time the owner of “friends” will move more to what may be what is needed, more to the center. Give him that time and space. But to publicly criticize him is not in anyone’s best business interest. You are turning the spending customer away for criticizing one, for fixing his place up.

I have been going to DR for over 30 years and I know many professionals there who are gay. And they ALL say the same thing, “they do not want to go to those clubs because of how they look and the service” at those clubs. I have been asked many times to open a gay club there, but have said no. How many others have been asked that same question? One day someone may say yes to the idea.

Wake up before it’s too late. It’s very easy believe it or not, to fill those very shoes.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Food To Think About", actually it is "Food For Thought", what are you talking about? It sounds like you have your own ax to grind. 30 years they've been asking you to open a business down in DR and you still have not. Maybe because it is more than just a "Thought". Any references on this comment section of this blog to any business is in direct response to the lies and rumors being put out by said business owner. We call a spade a spade and a head rag a head rag. You should get to know the businesswoman you are defending, once you do, YOU WILL RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

And as for your remark about "were are the condoms", I presume you mean "Where are the condoms", well just look in any gay business and ask at the bars and I'm sure you will be provided with a supply. Everyone in the gay tourist business seems to be responsible and willing to support any AIDS prevention efforts and ALL THE BARS give out CONDOMS.

In those 30 years you've been coming here, how much effort have you put into AIDS prevention, or are you ALSO only here for the sex?

Anonymous said...

too many queens not enough thrones

Nena said...

La princesa met new yorks royality>>>queen (blank blank) remembering one of your older blogs,(smile primo)~~~~