Saturday, March 04, 2006


Okay, you know why you come here. It is not just to check out the latest feud I'm having with the so-called "Dr.," Lucifer, the one with the headrag (and man-bag). You come here to also see what is going on in Santo Domingo. Where else can you get the best information but here, at MONAGA! Come on. Love me, or hate me, you come to read the latest chapter in the continuing saga of the DR-ama Republic.

Well today was the private VIP party for the DIH2 passholders. The location was a house in Guayacanes, and the boys (along with some really cool Lesbians!) came out en masse for the festivities. Congrats to both Kenny and Laurence for putting together a great day for everyone to come, hangout and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Take a look a the pictures below.

Okay, your intrepid blogger must get in the shower and get ready for the Black and White Party at ARENA. Of course I will be posting photos from the festivities.

Until tomorrow ...


Nena said...

Lmao@ lucifer-I finally figured out who you're talking about.
Is that a resort? When I come down I want to spend a few days at a different resort for R n R, Beach/sun and fun!Then off to SDQ for the rest of temptation island. When u have a chance send me some info on that place boo
Have fun for me~!Regards to all~
E n j o y!
GREAT Pics, damn boo!
Nena Nuyorican~~

Anonymous said...

I love your Blog man. Its cool, and you a funny, comedic way with words. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out who the anonymous problem maker is. Your description of him in this entry is so perfect. Everyone should know by now who he is.

Anonymous said...

"So many men, so little time..."
-Mae West

Anonymous said...

money talks in the dr..and the man drag supposedly has lots of it. just watch yourself for the back stabbers,some will do anything for $$

Anonymous said...

Can you put some more photos of the hot black dominicans? I wanna see some DICK this time! And where did the cunts come from? Are they lesbians? Can you banish them to another beach/resort? Anyway I wanna see some hot nude pics of the goings on down there!

Monaga said...

We will have some photos up shortly, but there will be nothing nude. This is not that kind of blog. And as far as Lesbians, they are always welcome on our blog.

Unfortunately, you can't please everyone, and I've stopped trying. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ï don,t think anyone or anything can please that last poster,thatwas just hateful

Anonymous said...

Laurence & Kenny, an excellent job on the DIH2 Event/

Big Hugs