Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hotel Arcos, Cabarete

And now, back to our regular programming ...

I was recently contacted by Stephen Cooper. He has opened a male-only hotel on the Northcoast called Hotel Arcos. He has also opened the only known gay bar in the north, La Hacienda, which is across the street from the hotel.

I will be getting additional infomation (address, email, etc.) and will update this link.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing us about another option in the north coast. Previously, there was only the Tropix hotel in Sosua.

I have been to Sosua and Cabarette. Very nice areas and not as maddening as Santo Domingo or Boca Chica. Also, much cleaner. Great memories of being sweezed into one of those mini-buses with hunky men all over you.

Also, Puerto Plata is very quaint. Specially if you eat like the locals, at the comedores.

Gosh, time for another trip.

Anonymous said...

I echo the previous comment, and would add Las Terrenas to the list of beautiful places to viit and eat(locale AND men)!

Anthony, THANK YOU for returning to what you do best and what is most rewarding - extolling the beauties and opportunities of the DR!

Anonymous said...

So is it as easy to find guys in Caberete as it is in Santo Domingo? I thought SD was the only place, but I still want to see the rest of the country

Anonymous said...

This may sound overly simple, but if you really want to see some of the rest of the country, don't worry about it, just GO.

Lay back, send out some subtle signals, and let the guys find YOU. Show some humilty, but don't be shy.

"Blessed is he who suffers to entertain starngers, for thereby might he entertain angels unaware."

Anonymous said...

is la hacienda bar still open all the posts on it are old, is it still the only gay bar in cabarete, and how can a hole area be a gay village with just two hotels and a tiny gay bar.