Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Angel Lozada

Angel Lozada, an author from Puerto Rico, will be at the Santo Domingo International Book Fair next Friday. Please read the press release below. Hope to see you there next Friday!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - The Puerto Rican author, Angel Lozada, will launch his second novel “I Don’t Want to Be Alone and Empty” on Friday May 5, at 7:00 pm, at the Cafe Bohemio at the Santo Domingo International Book Fair. The presentation will be made under the direction of the well known scholar, Dr. Luis Felipe Diaz.

Angel Lozada is the author of The Patografía (1998), a novel that caused an impressive resonance with his peculiar way of presenting the experience of an immersed homosexual boy in a prejudiced society. In “No Quiero Quedarme Sola y Vacía”, published by the Editorial Isla Negra, Lozada presents us with the existential circumstance of a young gay boy, immersed in the New York world of discos, compulsive consumerism and sexual promiscuity. The book deals with a victim and at the same time the one responsible for the misfortunes of his existential, routine nature -- the same thing that could happen to anyone -- regardless of their sexual identity and social position. It is a novel in Spanglish that highlights Lozada’s incredible ability to manipulate texts of diverse media (internet, popular music, advertising and the religious literature, among others), and of a sensible, ironic game between the author, narrator and protagonist of the novel. “No Quiero Quedarme Sola y Vacía” is an excellent mirror of what can be the absurd emptiness and solitude of many in our society and post-modern culture.

During the past six years, and eight editorial rejections, the author saw his intentions to publish this irreverent text frustrated. Isla Negra is pleased to launch this second novel of Angel Lozada, supporting the best in Puerto Rican literature.

Thanks very much to Andy Praschak for the quick (and great!) translation. The photo above is of Angel's first book.


Nena said...

Thanks for the information Cuzzz/Anthony!
I must becoming more active in my roots again, sometimes a person's career overpowers the other important things in life and I definitely have to make the time and enjoy my culture as well as the other cultures. I've been updating some paintings recently i.e. Cajiga (the artist).

Anonymous said...

He is a cool guy, very smart. I wish I were there and could go. (si lees esto: no te he olvidado querido como te va todo en la universidad llamame eh?)

Kai in NYC