Thursday, May 04, 2006


Hola blogsters, it’s been a minute, but I have been busy.

Let’s see, where shall we start?

The hotel near the Parque de Independencia is really coming along nicely (photos below). They have been working on the hotel for almost a year and from a peek in the lobby, it is going to be very nice. It is hard to pin down information about the place as far as price and guest policies. Once I can get some confirmed information I will pass it on.

David Lee has been hard at work putting together some drink specials that will be in effect throughout the summer. Go to for more information.

Tuesday night, The Hard Rock Cafe had a fashion show on El Conde. I was scrumptuos dinner at the time and couldn’t make it. Luckily, John K. was able to get a few shots (below) for me. No ones for sure when it will be open again. All I hear is “very soon.”

Sometimes I go to the Caribe Colonial for breakfast. It is really nice seeing the hotel being patronized by a nice cross-section of gay people. Unfortunately, there are also those who sometimes act like “hillbillies.” Of course you know the type I’m referring to. Loud, obnoxious, always ready with an inappropiate comment. There is one such person staying there now. All it takes is one person to give everyone else a bad name.

Paul Culver, a great photographer from California is in town. He finally took some photos of the bartender at ARENA. I hope to have a few to wet your appetite soon. Hint to you Paul!

My friend John and I have been looking at apartments and houses in the Colonial Zone. It is AMAZING what is available. From remodeled condominiums to small colonial houses for sale. I have seen the all in the last couple of days. While looking at an apartment John and I were looking off the balcony and spotted, like a bald eagle, a beautiful man walking down the street. I then had to see him close up. Lovely, just lovely. Summer is my favorite time of the year. (photos below)

I’m going to go to the Book Fair this weekend before it leaves. Everyone that has gone has been tremendously impressed with how nice it is. Angel Lozado’s reading is tomorrow and I am going to try my best to make that. I also believe that this week is Jay-Dee’s legendary hostess, Koki, is having a birthday party this week. I got the invitation, but can’t remember if it is this week or next. Will keep you posted.

That is all I can think of right now.

I’m off to drum up more blog items.

Until Soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony-long time no talk hope all is well and can't wait to come down to see everyone for my BD Party at our Sports Bar. Talk to David thank for helping out on Wed I know you keep the place humming Will be down May 31 and BD PARTY on Sat June 3rd. Best to all. Regards. David B. or aka Davanita
PS: Yes, cute man

Anonymous said...

Can you give me a ball park figure of the rental/purchase prices of some of the condos and apartments that you viewed?

Anonymous said...

THAT'S IT? All this time and that is all you have to say? Just kidding.. next time I am there I'm gonna have to make an appointment with you to look at some property. BLOG SOON!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
Yes I know the type of guest your speaking of in your BLOG. My last stay there in Feb 2005, there was a few very loud Afro-American gays from SF who made breakfast every morning a real embarrasing meal. It was so bad that many days I just went down to get a cup of coffee and went back to my room even though breakfast was included with the room. The worst part of it all was one 50+ year old educated INTEL manager who was spending all afternoon going down to the lobby and picking up these 14-17 year old young boys and bringing them to his room non-stop. This was more than enough to make me and the employees of the hotel angry.

In addition, that same week, there was a 50+ year old man who was straight and bringing in 12-14 year old girls and then would talk about all these young girls and what he did with them and how much he paid, etc...All of the employees were just livid with these two men staying there. In the morning it was enough to make you vomit your breakfast hearing all the stories from the pedophiles. I could not believe that the management of the hotel would not put them out. As I later found out, the INTEL manager had the top floor suite with the roman jacuzzi tub and was paying over $200/night. I said big deal they should still throw his ass into the street. He may have a lot of money but he has no brains. So yes I know what your speaking of but it is not only gays who participate in making scenes. I have seen straight men who do the same thing or worse.

Mario Sessions said...

Hey Anthony, I'm glad to see you typed something other than a few words. Thanks for the information and the great pictures of the new Hotel, Boys, and Sites. I had to delay my trip to SD due to a job project and these high ass gas prices we are paying in DC $3.23 a gal. for middle grade thats $42.00 a week for me. I feel for the SUV's F&*** it im getting a Scooter. Then USAir went up on the tickets due to gas. $444.00 RT to SD... Alright im done, but thanks for the updates please do it more. Oh how is our little project coming alone? "J" See you After Memorial Day although I will be 60 miles away but I have to meet Mr. Todd Smith in PR. if he shows up and im crossing my fingers.

Monaga said...

Yes, it is not just gay people who act-up at the Caribe Colonial. I was also there when a group of jocks really got on my nerves.

The apartments in the Colonial Zone that I saw started at about $85,000. There was a small house (needs work) for $79,000. But then, there were those asking for 1 and 2 million DOLLARS. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony:

When you've got some time, is it possible to do a post about what's involved (red tape, etc.) in purchasing property in the DR? Things like real estate agents, taxes, time frames, negotiating with owner, types of financing available, etc.

And are there onerous restrictions on foreigners owning property (regarding taxes, occupancy requirements, renting it out, etc.)?

I realize this won't be your biggest-interest topic; maybe all you'd need to do is give us some references/links to appropriate SD sites.

Thanks..You've already got my interest on this one!

Anonymous said...

Here is a good link in response to the previous question.

The section on Due Diligence is especially revealing.

Hope this helps.