Sunday, May 21, 2006


Today I feel good. Nothing in particular has happened, but I feel blessed. Woke up early and had breakfast at the Caribe Colonial. Then went back home and laid down to take a nap and woke up MANY hours later. Whew! I needed some rest.

Last night, I went to Byron's Think Pink soiree in his and Scotch's new apartment. It is right next door to Casa New Yorker. They are still working on getting things setup but it is really very nice. Old Colonial House with an open courtyard, expansive terrace and access to the roof. A nice selective crowd, open bar, great food, beautiful location = great party. I had to leave early, because I forgot that I told someone to meet me. From all reports, the party continued on til late. Downstairs from their apartment was another party going on. La Quinceañera, which are sweet 15 parties that celebrate the beginning of womanhood in Latin communities around the world. The young lady was very beautiful and had on a beautiful dress. I didn't want to intrude and take pictures.

I have some more pictures from Paul Culver. This time these are photos from Paul's trip to Altos de Chavon. If you are looking for a trip to get away from Santo Domingo, I can't recommend this trip more. Altos de Chavon is located in La Romana, which is about 2.5 hours from Santo Domingo. Click on the link for more information about this very interesting place.

I got a nice spike in visits to the blog recently. I noticed that I was getting referrals from Fleshbot. They liked the pictures of Carlos. I had sent an email to Rod, who runs the great blog Rod 2.0, about getting a link on his site. Rod informed me that he is also the co-editor at Fleshbot and he is responsible for the link. Thanks, Rod!! If you haven't been to Rod's site, please do yourself a favor. One of the few blogs that I have seen that is entertaining, informative, thought provoking and sssooooo comprehensive. The topics are wide-ranging and I check it out everyday.


Anonymous said...

Anthony Darling! Thank you for the photo of Carlos on your homepage. Talk about EXPLOITATION! Take that Joaquin....not to open up that can of worms. Back to Carlos, he IS the poster boy of the Dominican Republic. He is fabulously flawless. Young, smooth, golden and beautiful! If he is at least 5'10 I am in love! I have been to La Romana several times but I have not had the pleasure to visit Altos de Chavon, it looks amazing. That is definatly a must see next time. If a prototype of Carlos resides there then it is truly paradise. Thanks again, you provide such a service you don't even know! Or maybe you do, that is why you are SO on top of your game.....Thanks again. DM,NYC

Anonymous said...

The pink party was a blast. Graciella "La Unica" had a great funny show. Too bad that judging by the pictures posted it looks like only americans went to the party. The eyes of the camera man simply skiped dominicans at the party, the ones that actually prepared, cleaned, decoreted, cook, danced, and stayed late to share time with our beloved Byron. Some of you guys are blind for dominicans folks not into your "commercial-boy circle".

Monaga said...

Your comment was full-of-SHIT, Anonymous (!)

I was at the party for maybe 45 minutes, AND, the battery on my camera was running very low. Also, most of the Dominicans had segregated themselves in another room. Lastly, because I know that most gay Dominicans are closeted, I don't just go and take pictures of them and post them on the blog without their permission.

Because I have too much respect for both Byron and Scotch, I'm going to leave it there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posting of the the dominican man who complains for not being shown in the pics. At least Byron shows must of the guests at the party, the actual ones, not the ones that went few minutes took the food to go on a run, and left to feed their own agenda. I went with Byron and Scotch to the Beach, took the day off work, and being tired as hell did not stoped me from cooking (along other dominican true friends) potatoes salad, and baking chicken for 30 people. At least, out of 45 minutes of battery, you can run 44 in your big-stinking ass and 1 minutes for "the others". Respect yourself if u want other to respect you.

Monaga said...

And you are?

It is easy to come and complain about what pictures were shown and not shown ANONYMOUSLY. The bottom line is this, I took only 8 pictures and posted what I wanted. As I'm sure you are aware, it is my blog.

Why don't you go start your own, using your own name and identity?

Don't like it? Too Fucking bad!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say something and I normally don't respond to people's comments. However, the last two people who responded to Anthony's post I think were completely out of line. I think that Anthony has the right to do whatever he wants to do and if you don't like it then do click on the link to read what he writes in his blog. Anthony did what he wanted to do and it is his choice. Anthony don't let these little people get you up in arms.

The Byron said...

Anthony thanks for mentioning the party, a good time was had by all. I wish you could have stayed longer to see the show, it was a hoot! If you want to see more pictures of the party check out


Anonymous said...

OK. so now it's just a matter of figuring out who went to the beach, and who cooked the meal. With such obvious clues, it would be easy to find out who posted the blasts. But why not just address Anthony in person? Surely you must see him from time to time. Why not just put it out there and ask the question why so few dominicans in the pictures? It's a simple answer of camera batteries. Clearly no offense was meant.

There seems to be an underlying resentment brewing. I Hope not.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the hostility! I've reviewed the pictures and they showcase the place, the co-owner with (his brother) and the other co-owner with a friend. Everyone knows David, it was good to see him supporting Byron and Scotch! So why the venom? If you scrubbed, and cleaned, and cooked and didn't get recognized, take it up with the folks who had you doing all the work. Not Anthony! Shish!!! It's exasperating.

Monaga said...

I'm sorry. The comments caught me at a very shady moment. I don't want this to take away from Byron's party.

But, I agree. There seems to be some underlining shadiness that could've been better addressed to me personally.

If I had put photos of them on the site then I would be cussed out for doing so. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I'll just continued doing it how I see fit.

As my Grandmother used to say, FUCK EM!

Anonymous said...

photos are very nice ant. don't know byron but belated birthday wishes. can't wait to visit altos de chavon. looks very pretty.

ant continue doing yo thing baby.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, who are these people who blast every entry you make and display such ugliness and hate. You do all of us a service who are not there full time. Your blog makes just ache until my next visit. When I am there [which is frequently] I don't see all of this hate and bitchiness. Anthony, you are a saint to put up with this nonsense.

Big Mama said...

Hello Babies, it's "Big Mama", yes she is back, even though Lady Joaquin would rather see me expelled from the Zona Colonial, I'm still here. At last check on the webcounter, this Monaga blog has well over 45,000 hits, unmistakably the most popular gay related blogspot about Santo Domingo and of course BS, like these most recent comments, helps make it so popular. It is truly the Drama Republic and you throneless queens obviously don't have enough to keep you occupied. I would guess that any business owner would jump with joy to have the opportunity to get free and unsolicited publicity and if it happens to come with a little drama attached to it, all the better. The drama justs adds to the exotic draw of "temptation island". So lets add some more DRama to the mix. Anthony continues to promote and report on those items that interst him, afterall, as he said, it is his blog. When the DRama queen Joaquin was going on about the exploits of Americans against "poor, helpless, innocent, supposedly under age Dominican boys" Anthony and Paul set the record straight and immediately rebutted those false claims. And now here we are, after a wonderful time at the party, having shit thrown around at Anthony for not taking pictures of the Dominican queens who were the kitchen help. Well the party was billed as a "pink palace ball", since when do you take pictures of the hired help and put their pictures on the society page of the Listin Diario? Or in this case the front page of the most popular gay blog in Santo Domingo. As I see it, it was up to Byron to acknowledge the help and thank them for their service, and yes it would also be up to Byron to put their pictures on his blogspot if he saw fit to put the hired help there. Anthony has put photos of many Dominicans on his blog over these past months, just go to the archives and check for yourselves. I see this most recent flap as someone with their own agenda, using a beautiful party as a means to besmirk Anthony. Well, Big Mama don't play that, I'll come to his defense and it won't be with some pussy reply about thanks for coming to the ball. It is Anthony's blog, he is fare and forthcoming, if you don't like what you see or read, then click on another blog. Otherwise, stick it. Are you sure you don't wear a headrag? Luv BM

Anonymous said...

I think these were friends who helped out and are feeling dissed. Not hired help.

Anonymous said...

Feeling dissed because someone who had nothing to do with putting together the party did not praise them? I just looked at byrons blog and the pictures look nice but no comments from those who felt dissed.

Nena said...

I can't wait to get down and hang out with u and the gang!AND MEET THAT PAPI...with his ass in the mirror, mmmmmmm!

Simbul, sorry I no longer have a blog~feel free to email me, if u like

Big mama~you go girl~

I've decided to go to Bahia/Brazil in August with Laurence and to the DR i'm $aving my ass off to go to the DR first then come home and join in the trip to Bahia/Salvador.
Anyone else going?????any feed back?????

I've been to La Romana and the "altos de Chavon" very Italian influence a nice 30min tour was enough for me....!Don't know why the DR gov't decided to spend so much money on giving a lil italy in the DR but I guess they had their reasons. The late nite show and dinner is nice also..!Money could of been spent better..oh well..!

I enjoyed the beach and a club in the town where all the cruise ship partiers meet up and disco...was JUMPING~while it's a straight club it had GREAT music, nice atmosphere, LOTs of horny sexy locals, hahahaha YEP I went there~

The homepage cover of carlos definitely shows his MATUarity/ADULT features not at all underaged! good for you!

Guess I may look into staying at the Casa NYer...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gay socialite in Dominican Republic? And Mrs. Anthony is the Queen? What is next? a Buggie red carpet? That's why you have been failing in all your businesses in Santo Domingo, for having the illusion of being what you are not. You have a beautiful writing but that do not make you journalist cause you dont post the whole truth not even a truth, you only fool the losers that follow you not the dominicans who are watching you around. If you live out of dominicans, and get pleasure out of them -paid pleasure but pleasure anyway- at least show respect and confess that you went to Byron's party to stuff you big belly and then go away. Nothing wrong with that, but dont come with the "battery" excuse, or the "segregation" because you know is BS.

Anonymous said...

Whomever Anonymous is that is bashing Anthony for every thing under the sun, I do not want to hear your two cents worth. I come here to see what Anthony has to say and not some bitchy queen with hemorroids who has to open her mouth all the time. As my grandmother used to say, "If you do not have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut". go away and treat those hemoroids because they are really making you ugly.

Monaga said...

Buggie red carpet. LOL! That was a good one.

I guess I must have some power. Otherwise, why would you be upset that you are not featured in the photos? Why do you keep coming back to the blog?


Tell ya what. Send me a picture of yourself, I'm sure you HAVE to be stunning, right? I will post it here. OR, the next time there is a party, I will come by and take pictures while you are, "taking time off work, to clean, bake chickens and make potato salad." Will that make you feel better?

Okay, okay. Here is my last decree issued with my diminished powers. Any further posts from you will be deleted on the subject.

As the old drag queen said, "Don't fuck with the one holding the mike."

I'm holding the mike, bitch.


Anonymous said...

Anthony, say keep up the good work, I do enjoy your writings and all the good things and trashy thing has well that you have to say, hope all is well with everyone there in good old Santo Domingo, keep the spirt flowing and enjoy life , it's too short not too, don't allow the negative statement turn you off, everyone has there own way of saying things to turn the stew in the pot, just let it boil over, hee hee have a great day, week and month..

Anonymous said...

The old Anthony is back!

You sure there isn't razors on your tongue. Just to funny.

Anonymous said...

Great move, Anthony, Cut that ugly hateful bitch's access to the "mike" then none of us have to listen to her alcohol induced rantings.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol? thats brings me to one person that live in ATLANTA, GA. ...Gurl you finished your winter AA courses.

Mr. Washington said...


giovanny said...

ay chopa, porque echas vainas en la casa de anthony? que bufeo, no sea cuca tonta. se muestran ambos cocineros en la pagina de byron asi les conocemos jejejeje ta to!

Anonymous said...

A translation for the last post, please?

Anonymous said...

It basically asks the complaining poster not to be foolish. The cooks are pictured in Byron's blog, so everyone can know who they were and be given due recognition.

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment. Anthony I love you! Come back to America and replace Star Jones on The View!!

The Byron said...

Let me clear some things up. The person who posted that crap did not come from my camp. My friends (not servants or cooks)are wonderful and humble people, the last thing they would want to do is stir up some s**t. The commentary and pictures you posted were great.

Someone has an ax to grind with you Anthony and I hate to be in the middle of it. You have been fabulous to me and Casa New Yorker. I appreciate your support and friendship.

Nena said...

Seems like you have a "real" dominican friend who is fluent in "English"enjoying YOUR blog. Nothing like an admirer ;-)

Well I will definitely be there in the summer for sure, got my vacation approved TODAY finally.
As a supervisor who is also the head union delegate, management tries to be a little difficult but I have prevailed and got my requested days PLUS I have senority...i'll email you privately ANTHONY...about the 2 week vacation to the DR in August. Also will try something for the 4th July....!
While my BF isn't a happy camper that I'm going solo to the DR..oh well,haha!I'm sure he'll get over it.

Guess I'll also join the BAHIA HEAT trip too.....!
anyone going?

Monaga said...

Spoke with Byron and he tells me that his friends don't speak English that well, let alone write it well.

Hhhmmm. I wonder who this person is?

Anyway, I wanted Byron to know that I don't have any animosity toward him or Scotch. They have always been very nice to me.

Ah, some people ...

Anonymous said...

Of course it's some tired old queen posting that crap. It is amazing though that some people are so jealous and envious. Probably sitting up in some church praisin da lord and testifyin and speakin in tongues on Sunday and living a life full of dirt the other six days.

Big Mama said...

You know, I was wondering how the english was so good from that Dominican who was complaining about the party review. Which also leads me to think that it is someone with an ax to grind, too bad she don't use it on herself. Are you sure you don't wear a headrag? Anthony keep up the good work, the latest pictures from Paul are wonderful!!! Thank you both for sharing. Luv Big Mama

Anonymous said...

2 weeks to catch up on the blog and so much nonsense at time.
truly sexy dominican men,i just recall after 10 years of going to the dr I know this. while they love the us dollar they won't do anything they don't want to do.
if a dominican is reading and posting on this then at least be true to yourself and us and if someone is faking then maybe you do need to get out more and off the internet.
Long Islander

Anonymous said...

Maybe I do not speak English that well but hablo muy bien el Español hasta el punto de poder entender que deprimente es el espectaculo de viejos como ustedes dedicados al ofrecimiento de dolares para corromper la juventud dominicana.

Puedo entender la vida gay desde el punto de vista del amor y la aventura, pero no desde la deprimente vista norteamericana basada en el hedonistico placer de las drogas, la guerra, la prostitucion, la corrupcion, la invasion de paises extranjeros, y la expropiacion de las propiedades ajenas, y la destruccion de la naturaleza en otros paises.

Espero cuando llegue a la edad de ustedes retirarme con dignidad, y enseñar mi experiencia a los que vienen detras de mi y darles oportunidad de estudiar y superarse, no corromperlo, enfermarlos, prostituirlos, degradarlos, y robarles su juventud.

Now if u live in this Spanish bannana republic (that by the way has repelled twice american army)better get your dictionary and start the translation, maybe if u head full of weed let you understand a phrase you have a change of finishing for xmas.

Anonymous said...

either he's a real dominican that is a racist and i won't bother looking up that spanish into real english translation or some asshole trying to start shit. read my blog posted under wilfredo you punk asses. i'll be in the dr part busines and vacation and i dare any dominican so called man to step to me and tell me all that shit face to face

Anonymous said...

Translation but no commentary:

hablo muy bien el Español hasta el punto de poder entender que deprimente es el espectaculo de viejos como ustedes dedicados al ofrecimiento de dolares para corromper la juventud dominicana.

I speak Spanish well to the point of being able to understand how depressing the spectacle is of old folks like yourself dedicated to offering dollars to corrupt Dominican youth.

Puedo entender la vida gay desde el punto de vista del amor y la aventura, pero no desde la deprimente vista norteamericana basada en el hedonistico placer de las drogas, la guerra, la prostitucion, la corrupcion, la invasion de paises extranjeros, y la expropiacion de las propiedades ajenas, y la destruccion de la naturaleza en otros paises.

I can understand the gay life from the point of view of love and adventure, but not from the depressing North American (US) view based in the hedonistic pleasure of drugs, war, prostitution, corruption, the invasion of foreign countries, and the appropriation of other people's property, and the destruction of nature in other countries.

Espero cuando llegue a la edad de ustedes retirarme con dignidad, y enseñar mi experiencia a los que vienen detras de mi y darles oportunidad de estudiar y superarse, no corromperlo, enfermarlos, prostituirlos, degradarlos, y robarles su juventud.

I hope when I reach your age I retire with dignity and teach my experience to those who come after me and give them an opportunity to study and better themselves, not corrupt them, make them sick/infect them, prostitute them, degrade them, and rob them of their youth.

Anonymous said...

Why single out americans? From my experience in DR there are a lot more europeans hanging around, corrupting minors, and spreading all the perceived nastiness you speak of.

I'm sometimes baffled at the behavior of some of my american friends while in DR, but nothing close to my observations of europeans and their behavior.

I imagine you speak for a sizeable part of the dominican population, but after all, if the environment was not fertile for what you speak so much against, it couldn't happen.

You speak much of the dominican as a despoiled poor man/boy taken avantage of by the stereotypical american gay tourist. Then please explain to me why so many of these same darlings of the dominican republic are being returned, gratis, by the united states government by the hundreds. Take a trip up to Washington Heights some day. There are more dominicans in WH than anywhere else in the world sans DR. And it looks just like it.

I would probably feel much the same way you do if I were dominican and had to live with and observe my fellow man submit to the basest form of survival. But it is what it is. So deal with it.

Anonymous said...

My apollogy for singling out americans in this issue, for sure europeans and maybe citizen from other countries also contribute to this situation.

Also my apollogy to african americans or white americans in general, if you do not contribute to prostitution and in Santo Domingo, the issue is not about race or nationality but about conviction.

"Why are so many dominicans in NY?" That is the result of a Lyndon Johnson resolution after the civil war of 1965 where his marines came to santo domingo to "save" american lifes and killed thounsands of dominicans. By that resolution the president allowed a quote of 25,000 dominican family per year to fly and live in USA, since then the number is being increased several times. Since it was USA mistake in this case I use your same words "Deal with it".

Some of my folks from dominican republic are being returned, gratis by the united states government by the hundreds, mostly after USA criminalized a parking ticked, an argument with the wife, or illegal inmigration (it is illegal not criminal).

Some of us sure deserved that forced return cause adopted the criminal conduct of dealing drugs to mostly white professional men from NJ in what is known as "George Wash. Bridge Drug Corridor" where W.Heights is close by. USA has criminalized drug production and drug dealing, but refuse to admit and criminalized drug comsumption as the primer cause of the drug problem. Keep covering the sun with a finger and destroying young men in other countries but yours. You might get the irrational understanding of the moslems who instead of talking in blogs prefer radical methods.

Anonymous said...

And so again, the poor, misunderstood dominican.

I find it fascinating that in all your writing, the dominican is the puppet dancing to whatever step the american puppeteer leads him. Dominicans, like everybody else, want whatever the US puts out: Such as our dollars. Take the blinders off and realize as I stated earlier, if the environment were not fertile for this behavior, it couldn't happen.

And given the legendary- the notoriously legendary- spectacular corruption within the dominican government, it is not hard to imagine how the dominican republic would present itself as a world power, should the opportunity arise. But that won't happen. Because america will always pull the strings and dr will always do the puppet dance. So fear not brother, the radical methods used against america will not bother your slumber. Because as the world goes, dr doesn't even exist.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of corrections about immigration. The 1965 immigration act applied worldwide, and not just for the Dominican Republic. It has nothing to do with the invasion of that year.

Why are there so many Dominicans in NY city? Historical. In the same way as why there are so many Cubans in Miami, Mexicans in Los Angeles, Chinese in San Francisco.

But what our so eloquent Dominicano did not tell us is...illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

“In 1916 under the US presidency of Woodrow Wilson, Washington ordered the invasion of the Dominican Republic. Eight years later the marines left, leaving behind thousands of dead and one of the worst Latin American dictators in our history. Few year later President Lyndon Johnson feared the revolt (of 1965) would turn out like the Cuban revolution, and in response, he sent troops to the Dominican Republic to side with the Dominican army and crush the revolt. Thousand of Dominicans were killed and even more suffered from poverty and government brutality. Although the US was aware and partly responsible for the atrocities, they still would not recognize Dominicans as political refugees as they had the Cubans. After Joaquin Balaguer was backed by the US and resumed office in 1966, there was a mass exodus of Dominicans to the United States basically covered by 1965 immigration act. Ironically, the United States government was very welcoming to the revolutionaries it had helped to fight against just years before.” (from Wikipedia-es).

Similar stories of invasion and later masive inmigrationg with Korea,Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Filipinas, Guam, Iran, Panama, Granada, and next on line: Irak.

Cubans are in Miami cause is close to their beloved Cuba and may save others coming after. Mexicans are in LA because the border of USA crossed them (remember that Cali, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and other where mexican territory), dont know the history of chinesse in SF.

I dont see americans as puppeteer, many of you got my admiration and respect, the same as I dont see all dominicans as poor puppets, but wont deny got bothered by the attitude of some of you that understand gay life only in the basis of sex exploitation with less favored dominicans because you have dollars o euros (wich worth much more). These ones should be deported the same way dominicans are when commit fellony of drug dealing in USA.