Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, let's see ...

What is going on?

Last night I ran the Sport's Bar for David Lee and things went very smoothly. The joint was jumping and people were drinking and having a great time. It was nice seeing people I had not seen in a while. Stop by tonight for 2 for 1 rum & cokes. See you at the Poolhall!

Spirit is having an UNBELIEVABLE sale for the July 4th weekend to Santo Domingo. Some of the flights are $17, yes, that's right. I have gotten 2 emails telling me that they purchased their tickets. Go, there now! What other plans do you have for July 4? Are you still reading this? Get to Spirit, NOW! Thanks to Alan Washington for the email.

I don't know how many of you saw Oprah's Legends Ball this past Monday. But, I absolutely loved it. I wish that is was longer and I hope there is going to be a DVD out about it. I have been reading other blogs and looking at the comments. It is amazing how negative so many people are. Okay, I have nothing to complain about with the negative comments I get on my small blog. Oh, well.

There is a new actor from the Dominican Republic in the new X-Men movie, her name is Dania Ramirez. Checkout this interview with Dania.

Here are some other interesting articles for your perusal:

British article about spending winters in Santo Domingo

Is Columbus actually buried in Santo Domingo?

Cubans are finding another route to the United States

History of Sugar Cane Factories in San Pedro de Marcoris

See you tonight at the Sports Bar. Right?

And remember. I love y'all for loving me.


Anonymous said...

got a fare of $356 from nueva york. very good as everything was $450 and up. see you 4th of july weekend.

my friend bought his ticket yesterday and got $278! Dam, dam, dam!

Nena said...

Yes, I went to Spirit for the 4th weekend...from LaGuardia plus 1 stop in Florida is $356.00, I will definitely look into it....but I hate stop overs
keep your fingers crossed AM

maybe the "annonymous borderline personality queen" from the other blog" can meet me and we can SEE WHO'S TURNS WHO OUT, ;-)~
I guarantee you, I WILL!

Nena said...

wow in 10mins the fare jumped to over $700....hmmmmmm!
that sucks
I have to keep redoing it..something went wrong, LOL big time...!

Nena said...

I've tried Spirit many many many times...didn't get a good fare definitely NOT a $17 one...maybe it's the days i'm trying to take June 29-July5

Anonymous said...

Hi Nena. Have you tried A check on the dates you wanted showed $510 nonstop on American, using
I found to be a good site to explore all the other websites.

Nena said...

Thanks for the information...i will definitely look into that...most appreciated.That's the price I came up with on cheap tickets and
If not in July definitely for my real vacation in august that i can stay longer.
again, thank you...enjoy ur holiday weekend!

Mr. Washington said...

The $17 dollars fraes are for certain days only. This is typical for Spirit special fares.

Yes, Anthony the Legends Ball was UNBELIEVABLE! Oh, to have been a fly on one of the extravagant walls. Even though I taped it, I want a DVD also!! There may never be anything else quite like it.

A, there is a guy there visiting. His name is Dan. He's one of our readers. Tell him I said hello.

Anonymous said...


Are you fluent in reading and writing spanish? Now that you have lived there for a few years can you describe to us the difficulties and problems that you have experienced by not having a command of the Spanish language? I think it must be rather difficult being an ex-pat and not being able to read, write and speak Spanish yourself. Maybe I am wrong and it is not a problem or drawback but I would be very interested in knowing how all the ex-pats that do not speak spanish are able to communicate and live in a country where they are not well versed in the culture and language of the country. I am sure it would make for excellent reading. Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I got my tickets pretty early too. Mario, are you going to be able to make it to SD July 24-31. See ya soon if you are,


South Korea

Mario Sessions said...

No, well I might, but i will be in SD for the 4th