Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Nothing much going on now. There were many friends here in the last 2 weeks, now everyone has returned back to the plantations in the States. I miss you guys already. Come back soon, ya here!

There was a young girl killed in Santiago recently. She was robbed and shot 3 times. Everyone from the Cardinal to the President has expressed their outrage. From time to time I will get asked about the crime situation here. It is amazing, but I live in the Colonial Zone, and I have never been afraid in this area. I do travel to the barrios, too. I guess living in NYC in the gang and crack-ravaged 70's and 80's, nothing surprises me. I have been truly lucky living here. I have had a couple of cars broken into, but that has been that extent of my crime problem here. It also brings me to a drag queen that was attacked in NYC recently, Kevin Aviance. Violence is a problem everywhere, even here in the Dominican Republic.

Found out more information about the new club that is supposed to open. Have heard tons of stories and if it does open I will post information about the place.

Mario sent me a very interesting article about a Dominican scholar graduation from Princeton.


Anonymous said...

Wednesday’s routine, 73 more Dominicans will be repatriated

NEW YORK. – In what has now become routine procedure in the county’s main airport, another 73 Dominican citizens will be repatriated this Wednesday by the United States Immigration authorities.

These Dominicans have served varying sentences in correction facilities in New York, Boston, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey and Texas.

The repatriations result from the Antiterrorist Law of September, 1996, which establishes the repatriation of immigrants to their respective countries, when found guilty of theft, assault, murder, rape, kidnappings or drug trafficking.

The Dominicans will be sent to the Las Americas International Airport aboard an aircraft chartered by the U.S. Immigration Service.

Most of the deportees have served sentences for drug trafficking.

Since the Antiterrorist Law was implemented, in addition to other legislation, at least 5,000 Dominicans have been repatriated from the U.S..

Anonymous said...

just a artical i found in the DR news paper, immigration is deporting them back to DR! mmmmm wounder if any of them are bugarons! if there not! I bet they are now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, Glad to hear all is well. On the deportation issue it will be interesting to see if I will run into some of my former client's, LOL.
Peace, Scott~

Anonymous said...

Actually there's quite a problem with many of the criminals the US is deporting back to DR. They have few skills, poor spanish speaking skills, most native dominicans don't know what to do with them and their families are embarrassed as hell to have them returned as criminals.

It also has a lot to do with the increasing crime rate in many cities in DR.

We've come across one or two of them in our travels. Don't know of any who are buggie boys but the life of crime continues in their native country. There are a couple who do the tour guide schtick in the zone, cut hair, etc.

Remember too, many of them are much older now, hardened and burned out. Not much fun in bed i'd imagine. But I do recall a poster a while ago who spoke very highly of getting turned out by crackheads in NYC, so who's to say.

Mr. Washington said...

Hey Anthony, how's progress on the new hotel? I know, I know, it's the Dominican Republic. Still a bit curious though. It looks like it's going to be a nice one!

Anonymous said...

The Padilla article shows another side of illegal immigration that is largely ignored by the media - overstaying after the nonimmigrant visa expired. As much as I feel sad about his situation, it is one that he and his parents knew about. Let's face it, they intended to stay here. His father seeking work? That's an outright violation of the nonimmigrant visa that they used.

You'll read similar stories from other ethnic groups. Kids who grew up thinking they are American but in reality they are illegal aliens.

the Allen gallery said...

While I support the US immigration policy and the deportation of illegal immigrants, there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, the benefit of allowing this exceptional student to become a productive american citizen, far outweighs adhering to the one size fits all deportation policy.

The stupidest comment I've heard regarding this case so far, comes from the State Department official who claims "We can not just make allowances for geniuses".

Send us your tired, your poor; just don't send us smart people. :-)

Anonymous said...

What's up with I have not been able to log on for weeks? Hellooo, Anthony!?

Mario Sessions said...

I just got off the phone with Anthony, his domain name has expired after 5 years and he cannot find the org. web master. Saying that, the site will be up in 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Just in yesterday Houston newspaper, there was a huge article about 2100 plus illegal immirgants who were picked up in various area'a around here and are going to be shipped back to Mexico , so it is not just happening to the dominican's it is happen with all immigrants, theses were people with crime records of various types, so to me they needed to be shipped back , espically the one's with child molestion records and bad records. really this has become a real problem here in the U.S. so something needs to be done,so now they are taken action because Dear Old Bush had his ass in a bind and needs to do something quick, but do u think this will last, I doubt it very much, it is just a show for the American people to calm them down and buy some time for the Bush People, u wait and see, this too shall pass and we will be right back to the normal way things are done around this country . ok

Anonymous said...

Last nite bar/disco Arena was closed by dominican authorities. No minors, no drugs were found. It just happened after a article in "Clave Digital" (a dominican digital newspaper) talks about police asking their share in gay business.

It looks like police bull shit is again moving against gay communitiy in Dominican Republic. Time start a PR campaign to support our gay friends in Santo Domingo.