Sunday, June 04, 2006

Las Terrenas

Here are some photos of my friend's excursion to Las Terrenas, in the Samana region of the Dominican Republic. They stayed at the Las Palmas a Mar, which are little bungalows located just across from the Caribbean Ocean. The trip is about 4 hours from Santo Domingo and there are many other towns in the Samana region worth visiting. Some others are: Las Galeras, El Portillo, El Limon, and just about everywhere esle. It is just beautiful with one of the most unspoiled parts of the Dominican Republic. Also listed on the Monaga site is the Playa Colibri.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be common for hotels in this area not to have airconditioning. For people who have gone there, is airconditining necessary or not?

Tupee said...

Each casa has a master bedroom on the ground floor which is equipped with an air conditioner ($10 extra/day). I slept very comfortably upstairs in the loft bedroom, where there is a ceiling fan & perpendicular windows for cross ventilation.

Anonymous said...

Hey All, I just wanted to drop a post and say that I enjoyed Las Terrenas. Its a small town with lots to see. Some of us who went rented 4-wheeler's/ATV's and road around the secluded parts of the town and we also visited La Bonita. Their is alot of new buildings going up and I think once the new highway is built it will become a hot spot for tourist.

As for the place that we stayed at just let me say they were very nice. I shared a place with Tupee and of course I would never survive in the DR without air conditioning so I took the master bedroom. The place was clean and had a full kitchen with fridge, stove and an outdoor grill. Also their was a nice pool and it is a small place with only 12 bungalows.
I wanted to thank Tupee, Tyson, Raleigh, Ernest & Paul for a wonderful time and for making my Birthday a special one.
Peace, Scott~
Anthony I hope all is well. See you soon, but not soon enough.