Friday, July 28, 2006

G.A.L.D.E. Picnic in NYC on Sunday

If you are in NYC this Sunday, you should check out the G.A.L.D.E. picnic that takes place under the George Washington bridge. This will there 16th year and along with the food, music, games and special prizes, there will be HIV screening.


Anonymous said...

That Picnic was WACK!!!! Although the there was LOADS of information, about STDzz, different Gay/Lesbian organizations, pamphlets,and material..VERY INFORMATIVE!!! It was a well planned/run event! But the homo in me wanted to see some DATES!!! There was a severe shortage of hot guys, and a big supply of QUEENS! dont get mad peeps, I'm just keepin it real!

Anonymous said...

Try to get some pictures of the picnic. Talk to Carlos Lopez, sure he might have tons of digital pic of that day.

Monaga said...

I would love to get some pics of the picnic. Let me see what I can do.

Francisco Lazala said...

It's a shame when you have certain people saying that the picnic was wack because there weren't enough hot guys and a lot of queens. First, the whole purpose of the picnic is to bring people together once a year to socialize, get health-related information and testing, etc, etc. If your purpose is to go get hot masculine guys, then don't come to the picnic and please do not waste our time with your homophobic comments.

Anthony, thanks for your comments and suppport. GALDE loves u!