Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Now, where was I?

After getting over the shock of losing the Sports Bar, I have decided it is time to start living again. I have already starting interviewing other places to hold court. I will keep you posted as to my progress.

To that end (living again), let's see what has been happening here lately. I have gotten many questions on a variety of subjects and thought now would be the best time to address them.

Shall we?

Question: With all the drama with the closing of clubs it seems the gay scene there is withdrawing. Do you think I should still come and visit? Will I have any fun?
Monaga: The short answer is YES. But, I think only the individual can answer that for themselves. There are many things going on here, just like in all the cities of those reading this blog, but I don't think in anyway it means that we are not living in a represive state, or that gays are no longer welcome. As I have stated before, come, visit, have a good time. Just respect the country and its people and you will be fine.

Q: I just heard that the country has passed a law that the clubs and bars are going to have to close at 2am on the weekends. What will this do to the club scene?
M: The president, along with civic and church leaders have gotten together to come up with some plan to curb the spike in crime (delinquency). There are many discussions going on because most Dominicans don't go out until very late in the evening. There is much confusion and I think that a compromise will be found to allow certain districts to stay open later. Unfortunately, it is too early to tell what it all means. Personally, I don't see how this will curb crime, but what it will do is affect the economy, because thousands of people are employed by the nightlife industry. I promise to keep everyone abreast of the latest develpments.

Q: I was reading DR1 today, and they said that someone was robbed and killed in Santo Domingo. Has the crime gotten out of hand?
A: Personally, I don't think so. But, then I don't hang out in certain areas and I try to be careful. Just like I am in the States. I think what has gotten the populace up in arms is the brazeness of some of the young people who are "acting crazy." Is there crime here? Yes, but I don't think there is lawlessness and people running amok in the streets. At least that is my feeling on the matter. None of the other ex-pats (Americans & Europeans) has expressed any more concern than usual. I think you should take the same precautions you would take in any major city in the U.S.

Q: What am I going to do now that the Sports Bar is closed?
M: You are going to pick yourself up and go on living. It will be hard, I know. I am still taking sedatives, but I know I will be alright. There are many other things to do and places to go. You are going to be alright. I promise!

Q: Tell me, what really happened that the Sports Bar closed?
M: I think David covered the reasons thoroughly in his blog. Of course there are always going to be rumors. It is unfortunate, but most people don't want to hear the truth. They would rather hear about something sordid. I have heard several things. Here is what I know. He has no plans to reopen. He is NOT moving back to the States. And finally, he is going to be alright.

Q: I heard about the raid at Arena. Is it safe to go there?
A: Arena was closed because of some political things that went on. It is now open and all the people who were there before are now back. I went last week and had a great time. So, I would say yes, it is safe to go to Arena.

Q: What is going on with The site has been down for sometime and I am starting to worry. Are you okay?
M: Thanks for the concern. I am fine. My domain name expired after 5 years and I was not the one who registered it, my first webmaster did. I had not spoken with him in a long time and needed to get in touch with him as his name and email address were listed. I finally got in touch with him (thanks to a Monaga blog reader!), but by that time the registrat put the name in something called "redemption" and wanted $155 to get the name again. I decided it was ridiculous and went and had registered. In the meantime, I thought it would be good to freshen the site up and update all the shit I had neglected for so long. So, God willing, it should be up and running in a week.

Q: Where are you living? I heard you didn't have a place to stay and were eating cat food.
M: I have an apartment in the Colonial Zone, and thank God I have not had to eat any cat food.

Q: What do you know about this new club Rouge? When is it opening.
M: I received my invitation the other day and will be that the club to report about it for my blog readers. I know it is in Gazcue and heard it is supposed to be very nice. We'll see. I will give you my report on this and hope to take a few pictures.

Q: Is it possible to post more links about articles on the DR?
M: When I find something interesting I like to pass it on. But sometimes the stuff I find is junk. Check out the bottom of this entry for a few more.

Q: I met a guy there on my vacation and he and I have been talking on the phone. The other day he called to tell me that his daughter needed to have an operation or they would have to cut off her leg. He wanted $1500, but I told him I could only send $500. He then called me to tell me that he was robbed when he went to pick up the money, and could I send $500 more. Do you think I should?
M: There are many things I need to know before I can answer this question properly. Where did you meet this person? Did you have sex with him and pay him money? If he is a buggaron, then more than likely the story is not true. Unfortunately, there are those who come down here and fall in love with buggarones (basically a Spanish word for prostitute). Save your money and pay of some credit card debt. Always remember, money CAN'T buy you love. It can only buy you sex.

Okay, that is all the questions I could remember getting in the last couple of weeks. I hope this helps, but keep the questions coming. I will do my best to answer them.

Here are some interesting links:

Story in the Sunday Independent about women and sex tourism

A donkey was tortured for 9 days and beaten to death. Peta wants you to write the president.

Luxury resort being planned for Punta Cana

Miami Vice, starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell opens this weekend

And always remember, I love you'all for loving me.

Until soon ...


Anonymous said...

Now that the Sports Bar is closed, I can tell you where I won't be going and that is up to Leon's bar. That two faced headrag/manbag is dancing with delight at the fact that his only competitor is finally out of his hear. I wish I had a million dollars, because I would donate that money to David to reopen his poolhall. We need a nice place to go without having to worry about rip-offs like Leon with his lies and GRANDIOUSNESS. I also heard that the bank repo man is looking to get his house back. I thought she announced to the world that she was a "rich black american, who had just paid cash for her house." That was a couple of years ago, why is the bank wanting to repo the house. I know it has been for sale for at least 3 months now, why so long to sell it my dear? No one want a pink and green house? You deserve everything you get. Choke on it.

Anonymous said...

And choke she should. You can't tell me that Leon didn't have something to do with adding problems on David's plate and ultimately resulting in the closing of a great place. And for what? For us Americans to come to this country to have to go up to Leon's bar and be bugged by that trash that hangs in his place. I'd rather hang on the Conde and take my chances with the street buggies before I go up there and get overcharged for drinks or have to eat that nasty food she charges toooo much for. Who is that cook anyhow? Who is sylvester and who taught her how to cook ribs? They was some tough girls the other week. YUCK

Anonymous said...

But don't you remember last Thanksgiving, Sylvester was a part of the Thanksgiving Holiday Trio of Jerry, David and Sylvester. Then he jumped ship and went over to the dark side and is now the cook up at Leon's place. You know, I went to that Thanksgiving dinner and Sylvester was the cook for that also, it was not so good. The turkey and pork were the best, but that cornbread dressing was as heavy as a rock and the cole slaw was bitter. So I'm not surprised about his other cooking. Although he makes good peach cobbler.

Anonymous said...


Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

Okay. Are we done?

This post has nothing to do Leon, people. I understand some don't like him, and I'm not a fan either.

But, let's talk about something else.


Nena Nuyorican said...

Where is that papi in one of ur post....the guy with his ass reflecting in the mirror in the jock strap?

I dream about him,~often!l :-)~~~

Anonymous said...

monaga, i have asked this question and no onw has given me a answer. since things are kind of slow, what is the going price for a boggie? are some of them to be trusted? Thanks A,from NY

Anonymous said...

Do they have pool tables at the Rouge? If not, where can a brother shoot some pool and gaze at some Dominican brothers?

Anonymous said...

Is there an ESPN Zone, Champions in Santo Domingo?

Anonymous said...

The going price for a "bugarrón" (hustler, trade, escort..)is now between 800 to 1000 pesos. At RD32.64 per dollar, that's anywhere from 24.00 to 30.00 dollars more or less. Some will ask for much more, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how much (and maybe what he is willing to do or not do) BEFORE taking him to your hotel room. Since it is kind of slow now, negotiation is everything!
Are some of them to be trusted?
No. He will take anything and everything in sight...chains, rings, perfumes, cell phones, keys, watches, shiny things, and of course, your wallet. While you are showering, he will go through drawers, open luggage, check out the clothes in the closet, look under the mattress, try on your new Nikes, etc, etc... Suggest showering together or ask him to shower first and secure everything under lock and key. Once the deed is done and paid for, most will leave. If you get the idea that he is settling in until morning and you are not comfortable with this, just tell him so and get him on his way home asap! Anything else you would like to know, my dear?
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

No ESPN Zone. No Champions. No nuthin'

Anonymous said...

The question posted on the blog about excuses given by a DR guy so that the foreigner will send money is not peculiar to the DR. Read any website or blog that is related to long-distance relationships between wealthier men (women) in richer countries and (generally) younger men (women) in poorer countries. You'll find an infinite number of ideas, ranging from sick buffalos in Thailand to bad papas harvest up in the Andes of Peru. And don't get me started with Nigerian scams.

What we have to understand is that we are the benefactors and we have to determine how much we are willing to help. I think it is in most of our nature to help (shades of Reagan's tricke down economy?) I take the reasons given to me in stride and don't associate them with any notions of love. Most of the young men I have helped were quite honest about their reasons - they were just flat broke.

Anonymous said...

You’re right, Anthony. This post was not about Leon. But one thing I’ve always wondered. Why is it the biatches with the most hateful things to say about something or someone always seem to do it “anonymously?” If you’re going to say something about someone be real about it and identify your damn self! What? Are you afraid the person you’re talking about will know who you are? So fucking what? Hiding behind this anonymous bullshit is real fucking trifling.

BTW, my name is Eddie. What's yours?

Anonymous said...

Eddie, we are supposed to talk about something else!!! I want to know when the new disco/nightclub Rouge is opening? I heard that the person opening the place is on TV in the Dominican Republic. I hope is works. name is Roger from Atlanta. I think that everything said in the first comment is absolutly true. But we are talking about a different subject. But I have the balls to give my name.

Mario Sessions said...

Hey Anthony im back. Very nice entry. USAir is have a summer sale to Santo Domingo here are some RT prices.

NY 288.00
DC 208.00
PA 338.00
NC 278.00

T-D Moderator said...

Anthony, darling, instead of Girl Scout cookies I'll bring you a case of cat food on my next trip. LOL Seriously, the new site looks great!! Can't wait till it's fully operational.

T-D Moderator said...

By the way "Anonymous", there is a pool hall located by Pacos. It appears to be okay, but as we have said before, RESPECT is the key.

Anonymous said...

The president has ordered all pool halls closed by 8pm so dont get too excited by the pool hall next to Pacos. Also the grand opening of Rouge is scheduled for tonight at 11pm. Unfortunately the president has said that all clubs, bars and colmados must close at 12. So it will be a short opening night. Last night the police were out in force checking to see who was open or not...they caught Bar Friends with clients after 12 and made everyone leave. they were also on many corners stopping taxis and checking passengers. If this lasts, then tourism here is dead.

Anonymous said...

Do businesses selling alcoholic drinks have to CLOSE or just STOP SELLING LIQUOR at certain hours? Will Paco's and other places have to close just because they sell liquor or can they remain open and only sell other stuff? Who has the answer to this one?

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

Last night was very troubling. Everything closed up tight as a drum at midnight. I don't know how this can possibly go on. They even made Paco's close.

There is such a large outcry that I don't think it will last. The Caribe Colonial told me that the hotel association is getting together to fight this.

It is going to be really interesting to see what happens tonight with the new club opening.

As always, I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I am just shocked and blown away with this latest new's comming from our beloved Santo Domingo, My dear God what Has happen to send the government over the deep end and to make all these new law's and regulations. Guess David Lee knew something that no one else knew and saw the hand writing on the wall, good for him. Bless his heart, he moved at just the right time. But to be honest, I do not see how this can possible go on for any length of time with our completely destroying the tourist business. Above all to shut down Paco's ,on my dear god, how come and what for, Thats the place to hit after the club's close.No way do I see how this can work out, it shall be very interesting to see in the next few days and weeks how this will all pan out, it just can not go on like this for sure or else will be a sad ending for many, The powers that Be , for sure, have not begun to fight, thats about to take place there, so hang in allow the hotel's to organize and bar owners and set fire under the political foe and changes shall happen, I am sure.These new changes just can not take over social common sence along with the money to support so many dominican's . All I can say is hold on , this shall not last , no way , it just cannot..god bless all my good friends over there and see you soon. Jim From Houston

Anonymous said...

omg what is wrong with this girl she is off her rockers! what is she a Religious freak, the goverment will do what he needs to do to help his country.

Anonymous said...

omg, you don't get it girl. this act will only create more crime. Half of the population working in clubs and bars and colmadons have been fired from their jobs as of today. What will they do for money???? Steal???? Rob???? Of course.

Nena Nuyorican said...

Shakin my head~
Feels like i'm back in catholic school with all the changes in the DR---crewfews,moral squad~!
Wonder if they will also close down the night clubs, casinos on the strip of El Malecon?

I guess Sto Domingo, the city limits is the target!

Well i'll the best of it, if not i'll just leave, LOL~

Anonymous said...


You mentioned that Arena has reopened. I was wondering if the hotel and the sauna have reopened as well?

Anonymous said...

No the BATH HOUSE did not reopen oops i ment the Sauna.

the Allen gallery said...

Anthony, glad you posted on this. J and I have read about the new laws and wanted to hear your perspective. That you describe the scene after midnight as "troubling" sets the tone.

Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Reading the various articles on the current crackdown on violent crime it seems that perception and reality are way way different. Crime is actually down but violent crime is up. Also, it is day time crime that is up. However, all these news make people afraid of going out at night.

Sooo? It seems that the government in its wisdom to show that it doing something goes after the perceived insecurity of going out at night. I am not sure whether that solves the root of increasing violent crimes. Specially since they occur in the daytime, and not at night. Oh well, the government is just trying to win popular support.

Dave in SF

Antonello said...

we need answers right!!
kisses ...