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Before I go on let me just update you on the curfew here. Still going on and you know what, people are adjusting. I went to Rouge on Saturday night, and the place was packed and they had some great go-go dancers (didn´t have camera) and a nice show. I have been bitching and complaining about this whole alcohol curfew thing, AND I still don´t think it will do much, but everyone has seem to have adjusted and moved on.

I was speaking with a Dominican friend the other day and going on and on and on and on about this alcohol curfew thing. He said to me, "look, that is the way it is. We Dominicans learn to accept the governments bullshit and move on. Until it is changed you need to accept it and move on."

Now, I can already here people saying that is what is wrong with this country. The populace needs to get together, yada, yada, yada. It is not that you would be incorrect for thinking that, but as I have talked to all the other Americans living here it seems that everyone is adapting and hoping/waiting for things to change.

For those who are planning a trip here you should understand what is going on and plan accordingly. Keep abreast of the latest happening and search the internet for more information. To that end, many posters on DR1 are saying that next week they are supposed to change the times that places close. It hasn´t been verified but there is talk that places will stay open until 2am during the week and 3am on weekends. Click here for the story.

I spoke with the manager of the Hotel Discovery and he says the hotel will be open on the 1st of September. He told me that they have 3 types of rooms: Economy ($35), Standard ($60) and Suites ($85). I was not able to ask about the guest policy and other issues. He said that he will call me before it opens so that I can take some pictures from the inside. At that time I will find out what their policies are. There is also a pool on the roof (if I understood him correctly). I just hope that the homo ghetto hillbillies don´t come down and ruin the place for everyone. We´ll see ...

Last night, David Lee and I went to dinner at my friend Mark´s apartment. Mark is very private so I never published any photos, though David did get a few shots. His apartment (which I helped with) is just beautiful. The dinner, as it always is at Mark´s, was great. Mark is a great cook and host and no detail is left to chance. David hasn´t updated his blog yet, but look for the review. If only Mark would open a restaurant here. Okay, I know, restaurants are closing everyday. It was just a thought. Thanks again Mark for the great food and conversation.

For those in town for Labor Day weekend, David and Jerry are going to be hosting a "Sports Bar Family Reunion." It will take place in the VIP area next door to Jay Dee´s. Checkout David´s blog for more information. Also, with the new alcohol curfew, Jerry is now open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8pm. On Wednesday nights he has 2 for 1 specials.

Finally made it to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and I loved it. It was very nice and the food was very good (for that type of fare). I know several people who have gone and they all agreed and have gone back several times. Sorry for the diehard folk who don´t go for the McDonaldization of the world, but I think the place is a hit. At night on the weekends there have been 2 hour waits for tables. Also, Blondie, yep with Ms. Debbie Harry, played there the other night @ RD$2500 pesos and the place was overflowing. Okay, they did have a fashion show one night and it was horrible. Oh, well.

Now here is a question. If the Dominican Republic and the United States allowed same-sex marriage, do you think many tourists would be taking their "boyfriends" back home?

Lastly, I keep getting asked about whether Fantasy Stars is still open. I have not heard of anyone going there, but I am not sure what their status is. Anyone know?

On the street where the beloved Sports Bar was located they closed the street for live music. Unfortunately, they set the stage up directly in front of Ernest´s apartment. It was reggaeton versus bachata. He got a few photos (below). He would´ve gotten more but we had to hit it, the floors were vibrating and you couldn´t hear yourself think.

Here is an interesting article in Science Magazine


Nena said...

Why would I have a bad time? afterall, i'll be with you(when u r not busy)david (when he's not the roving reporter)and Rafael(the Rican traveler)and the few guys I know will keep me busy and IF NOT that I will be at the boca chica beach and then in Punta Cana...so why would I be bored????

Don't jinx it, LOL LOL~ U will visit NYC-ond day
evil grin
Now you get no hamburgers, LOL

Nena said...

Bloggers, sorry we have a few "inside" jokes going on~!

Anonymous said...

To answer your 'SAME SEX' question...HELL YEA!! All the silly Queens that think they've found love in the Carribean would bring their 'NOVIOS' to their respective countries! Can you imagine the backlog of paperwork in the US immiration office? All those Overweight, Ugly, OLD, Nasty, Black Queens that can't get a date in the USA would set the immigrant population of the USA a new high. We all know that BUT for the situation in DR, those QUEENS would have a chance in getting a hot guy! So what do they do (Anthony included), they flock to DR, flash their money, and status, they feel fabulous, and BUY the hot young guys. Although fair exchange is no robbery, You people know that you can get cuties in the Goog ole US of A.

Nena said...

Same sex marriage---the DR and the USA. Some will definitely want to take their BFs back to the USA. I'm trying not to think of the negative but......
I don't think many "marriages" will last once they reach the USA.
To much Freedom, to much to explore...like asking a child in a candy store (free to pick anything) just to pick one piece of candy and go!
I'm sure so many will disagree with me.
But that's my take on your question for the day, Anthony~!

Anonymous said...

miss anonymous, i am sure you are lovely, thin and every mans heart desire. i am surprised you were able to comment since you have the boys lining up at your door. that is why you posted anonymously and didn´t include your picture.

don´t hate! LOL!

Rick in D.C.

Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of various websites related to long-distance relationships, all I can summarize is that most people who start these relationships fail. Why? Various factors including culture, wealth, language, and plain male hormones.

You don't really need to speculate about how a change of U.S. immigration about same-sex policies will do. All you need to do is to just read comments about straight relationships in DR1. Don't you think they mirror our own experiences?

Another example, if you read websites on cross-cultural gay relationships in Thailand (e.g. www.sawatdee-gay-thailand.com. www.gaythailand.com), you can read that gay guys from European countries that allow immigration seldom petition their Thai lovers to move to Europe. They may petition for a short vacation visa, but not long term residency. They would rather be "butterflies" going from one guy to the next. In the end, it is more sex and economics. Love and playing house together? Most likely not.

Dave in SF

Mr. Washington said...


Mr. Washington said...


Anonymous said...

What is the "guest policy" at Casa Monaga or Casa Nueva York (not sure on the name change)?

Anonymous said...

do you
think the boogie
boys want a fag who
is skinny,nasty, young,cute

Mario Sessions said...

Yes you can have guests at Casa New Yorker also here is the website www.casanewyorker.com

Anonymous said...

Scotch's policy is that you can have one guest in your room. So, forget about orgies, ok?

Anonymous said...

I want to find out more about the new hotel. Let me know what you find out Ant. I want to stay there when I come down in October.

And hell no I would not be marrying no boy from a third world country and bringing him home. But for those that would good luck!

Anonymous said...

No marriage! No bringing them to USA! No Puerto Rico! No nothing! Leave them where you find them. You go visit them. Once they are in USA or USA territiories, out come the claws and the real personalities! As soon as they network and learn to get around on their own, it's, "Goodbye to you!" without even a "Thank You." Been there, done that...
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

To the First Anonymous Post:
My, you're a bitter bottom! I guess I'd be too if I pride myself on not being BLACK, or FAT, or UGLY, or OLD, just to find out that all the boys want is my $$$.

Anonymous said...

It all sound good and we all want a nice DR guy to be w/ or for BF. But as the other blogers said! once there here all changes. They are really not gay or bi, most of the DR guys do what they do for the $$$, they will find their first cousins and all, move away after some pussy, and take all your shit! that is able to move form your house! lol
they are only with us for the dollar! you think they love us!mmmm not that why we visit DR because were not able to get all the attention from back home!

Casa NY, it's like a jail house, your not able to come and go, you dont feel free to bring who you want! NY

Anonymous said...

I liked Casa New Yorker and had a wonderful stay. However keep in mind that it is a Guest House. I didn't find it to be a Jail House at all.

But for those who need the dick 24/7 and brothas grabbin their crotches and lickin their lips at their next meal ticket while you're checking in *coughcaribecolonialcough* you may want to consider staying in a Whore House. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

jesus roberto "robert" said...

hm. i used to be in a long distance relationship with a dude in a country not too different than the dominican republic.

everything was cool until the queens got to him. not the "western" queens -- but the queens from a country in the neighborhood of the one in which we were living at the time.

fortunately he and i are still friends, and he gets to find out the hard way why i don't like europe (he's moving to europe next month). in a way i pity him. while he was with me, i was firmly on his father's side as to the 'beware of white people' and 'brothers need to stick together'. but the gold digging queens got to him and while he did get his white man that would take him to europe (i have no desire to live there anymore)... especially considering the town he's going to -- he's going to find out that no one is interested in his mind, and they are only interested in his body.


now, years ago, when i was a cute rentboy that was making enough to go back and forth from brazil to the rep dom to the mainland usa, i snagged this dominican dude that followed me back to the mainland. i use the term "followed" because he had $$$ to sneak back and forth, and i was going to be of no help to him whatsoever.

would i have married him if i could have? at age 20? probably not. not even at age 30. but if he and i met today, me being 30something and him being almost 50... probably.

sometimes, it's not about the $$$ -- it's totally about the personality. case in point. i currently live in a place with many of the same social dynamics as santo domingo (cape town).

i was boning ALL of these young pretty boys, most of whom i knew were serious "chase the european for cash" types. but even though i lived in a posh apartment in the "right" part of town, i never had money. ever. they were always buying me drinks, looking after me when i was sick, a few times they were even buying my groceries.

some european asked me if i was their pimp since they are doing so much stuff for me, and i answered "no. they do all of this for me because i treat them like human beings."

they are upset, however, that i broke up with their friend and am seeing someone else. but that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Im glad you had a great time! But sorry to tell you if u dont think CNY is not a whore house then how would you catagorize it? Did you not bring ur dick and get off in the room, and did u not pay for your dick when you were done! That is called a whore house! Is guest house the politically correct way to say it? Not that there is anything wrong with a whore house? Isn't that being a bit passive agressive? There is nothing wrong with dick 24 / 7. I go there to enjoy myself, as does everyone else!


Anonymous said...

is fantasy stars still open?

Anonymous said...

NY Anonymous:

A whore house is where the proprietors provide the whores....not just a place where you bring the whores you met somewhere else.

I've never seen CNY, so I don't know whether it is a whorehouse or not. But if they simply allow their guests the privilege of bringing a "friend" to their room, without procuring the friend for them, then how are they different from the Waldorf?

Anonymous said...

I have stayed at CNY and I would say it's a guest house or boutique hotel (for its size). I would not put it in the category of other above mentioned hotels who, yes, will provide the hos.

Mario Sessions said...

Well I guess all Hotels and Guest houses is catagorized a whore house if you have a local guest.

Im glad you had a great time! But sorry to tell you if u dont think CNY is not a whore house then how would you catagorize it? Did you not bring ur dick and get off in the room, and did u not pay for your dick when you were done! That is called a whore house! Is guest house the politically correct way to say it? Not that there is anything wrong with a whore house? Isn't that being a bit passive agressive? There is nothing wrong with dick 24 / 7. I go there to enjoy myself, as does everyone else!

Eddie said...

About Fantasy Stars Disco. This is from Leon's web site:

"We will take a vacational break until 15 August to come back with new programs, new ideas, new shows."


Anonymous said...

I am in SD as I type, staying at Casa New Yorker, and having a terrific time. Saw Anthony, Nena and met some great people at CNY from different parts of USA. Yesterday, went to San Cristobal and Palenque Beach. Tomorrow, off to Altos de Chavon for a cruise down the Chavon River. Also have a rafting excursion on Friday. Guys are hot as always. If you get bored here it´s because you do not know your way around or are a damn fool! Still have a week to go! See ya!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

what bar do the rentboys go to now?

Anonymous said...

Friends and JD...

Anonymous said...

TO: Mario Sessions, you may think you’re part of the solution…. However you are acting just like those nasty uneducated folks. And you are becoming part of the problem. If you were a good business man, one would think you would spend your time promoting business. And stop promoting the disservice that others are taking part in. I am sure you are a good business man, but when you take part in these feud, between the “Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s” you wind up looking like them. And we all know, they know nothing about business. Further they don’t even respect there host country.

As a Black businessman myself, we are all trying to grow and prosper. Don’t let the alcohol take away from all your hard work and accomplishments (this is in reference to your last comments were you had said you were drinking and you grammar showed that). Others will see this and magnify this behavior. Is this what you really want do. I have never met you and I admire your ontipernerial sprit, but please think about what I am saying.

This website MONAGA, could really be the place to go for all, as there are no news papers there to inform the gay community or those abroad what events will place, along with places to go and visit. Instead the owner of MONAGA and the owner of Bar Friends and their segregates would rather promote this feud than promote any real business.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Friends Bar, now that they are the only game in town, it looks like they are right back to their old tricks. They allowed the same old employees to come back in there and they are right back to asking/demanding/extorting money from the patrons. And who is this "head of security" that has the balls to ask us tourist for a tip for provide protection for us. Even Leon with all his experience as a businessman can't keep up with the dominicans. They all work together up there to extort as much money as possible without Leon finding out about their extortion scams. You so called american businessmen need to open your eyes and see that you are just another pawn in this dominican chess game.

Anonymous said...

Now back in PR: My friends and I went to Friends several times while in RD. If you park your car outside, there is somebody always "watching" it to see that nothing happens to it. This also happens at Jay Dee's and other places. So, you give them a few pesos when you leave. Inside, the boyz are always asking for a hand-out for some reason or another (they need car fare, they haven't eaten anything, they have a sick child, etc...). As far as "extorting money from the patrons for protection" I don't know about that. I do know that the boyz are always asking for a few pesos be it at Friends, Sports Bar, Jay Dee's. Paco's or wherever. It's just up to you if you want to give them something or not. Maybe your experiences have been different and maybe Leon, as the owner, should look into this "extortion" situation that you mention!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

I did not drive a car, I came in a taxi and left in a taxi and since when does the cars in that neighborhood need to be watched and protected to the point that we tourist have to pay for protection. It seems to me that Leon should pay for protecting our cars in the neighborhood of his bar. And speaking of old employees, I see Jake is up to his same begging at the door tricks and the head of security is in on the extortion as well. I heard he gets a cut off every boy who leaves with a client. Is that true Leon? And how much is your cut dear?