Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's Going On?

There is a new bar that has opened on Jose Reyes #107, just up from El Conde. It is called Ocho Puertas (8 Doors). David Lee has written about the new place on his blog. So, for those looking for an alternative place to go, now you have it. It opens early in the day and they even serve food. I had been to the place before when DIH2 gave a reception sponsored by HBO. It is really a great space and I wish them much success. Stop by and check the place out on your next visit to Santo Domingo.

Hotel Discovery has finally opened their doors and the place is very nice. There is a large restaurant downstairs off the lobby. Very nice, though a bit pricey for sort of the same food as Paco's. You can tell they put a lot of money and thought into making the place nice. Spoke with the general manager and he seems to be very nice. Asked him about their policies with regard to gay travellers and he told me that they are marketing the place as a "family" hotel. They don't have any problems with anyone who is discreet, as long as don't have a lot of traffic. He kept stressing about not having a lot of traffic coming and going, but said if people are discreet it is not a problem at all. The rooms are tastefully decorated and comfortable. The economy rooms are very small, but the other rooms were very nice. Also, there is a $10 charge for guests staying overnight in the room. The hotel is located on Arzobispo Nouel and Palo Hincado, right in front of the Parque Independencia. You can contact them by calling 809.687.5038. Oh, there is no pool on the roof. It is a jacuzzi (where you have a nice view of Paco's!).

For those that have emailed asking, yes, Bar Friends is still open and operating as far as I know. Many rumors but absolutely nothing confirmed. All the other clubs are open and seemed to be hanging in there. This past weekend Jay-Dee's and Arena had large crowds. I hear that Arena is offering free admission on certain nights to bring the crowds back from Rouge. The club wars (and I mean that in a good way) are on. No one can take anything for granted when it comes to the fickle club-going public. Let the games begin!

Last week was the Mr. Republica Dominicana 2006 Bodybuilding Show at the Hotel Lina on Maximo Gomez. The next contest is coming up in November. Any of you want to go to the next one? I will let you know when it is coming up. Funny thing, there weren't many women in the audience. Anyway, for those that missed this one, checkout the photos and video below. Ay, mi madre!

Last week was also Dominican Fashion Week. The fashion shows were held at the Embajador Hotel, which is a very nice hotel located in the Bella Vista section of Santo Domingo. The fashion show was very impressive. As I have said before, there is a lot of talent here in the Dominican Republic. Checkout the video below. You can see I'm now addicted to You Tube, especially now that I have learned to upload the videos properly. Who would've thought you could take decent video on a camera.

The Dominican Republic is experiencing an epidemic of Dengue Fever. Many travellers to tropical climates should be aware of this risk. Several people in the barrios have died. The government is now on a nationwide effort to try and eradicate the breeding areas for mosquitos. Go to the link so that you know what all the concern is about.

And finally. File this under NEVER say never. The woman who owned the building where I had the Monaga Apartments got in touch with me through Jose. They wanted me to come back and manage the building and help them bring in business. Well, we worked out an agreement and I now manage the building and will share in the profits. The website will be up by the first of next week, www.camilohouse.com.


the Allen gallery said...

Go 'head Anthony. WORK. IT. OUT!!

Anonymous said...

its about dam time. thought you left the country.

I have been waiting and waiting.

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, welcome back friend, Happy to see your well done notes on the happenings in good old Santo Domingo, but what's going on with the cerfew, thanks , JIM From Houston

Monaga said...

This is a review from Christophe, from France, who recently stayed at the Hotel Disovery:

I stayed recently in Hotel Discovery a couple of nights and want to write this review that might help others.
The hotel had just opened and the staff are newbies. They did not have eveything in hand when i stayed there. I had no problem at all to bring my dominican friend to the room. The staff remains very friendly and helpfull and did not show any disapproval signs to the situation. I have to mention i stayed with the same guy all time and did not come with different boys.
As they have different room rates, they charge 10$ for the boy only if you have a room beetween 35-60$. They do not charge if you stay in the 70$ rooms.
The only things i did not like is the noise. the room i had did not have sound proof windows everywhere. So it was VERY VERY noisy. The Air conditioning system, although new, is also very noisy particularly at night. Don't expect to relax.
Avoid also the 35$ rooms for long stay as they have no window on the outside!! only on the corridor.
But the good thing is that the location is great and safe and the staff very nice.

Mario Sessions said...

Thanks Chris for the review it helped a lot I guess I will add it to my site santodomingodirect.com soon, I need to hear one more comment good or bad. Hell I will stay there a night or two on my next stay.

Thanks Anthony and welcome back!
I guess we can say move over Bacon, here comes Sizzilne. LOL

Nena la Nuyorican said...

congrats on the manager job!

Ok the "annoymous blog " is back online~!

I'll still post using my name~

See you in the winter (USA's)!

Paul said...

Thanks for the update Anthony. I really liked the body building pics and may have to schedule a trip for November! I also like how you can click on the slider and see the pictures in a larger format. I especially like contestant #14 in the black suit who is mainly in the back. He is the best looking in my book. I don't think I've seen bodybuilding pics quite like these Dominicans. Most of them can barely fit everything in their posing suits.

The fashion show crowd really looked like the upper crust of Dominican society. Having hung out on the Conde/Pacos/Arena/JD's/Friends/Sports Bar etc., I haven't seen that side of the island other than when they speed by at 80 mph in their SUVs.

Glad to hear that you are back in business again. Good luck on your venture! Keep us updated too.

Paul Culver

Anonymous said...

I would not care to stay in a hotel where I would have to pay extra to have a guest visit me in my room. It seems some hotels suppose that if anyone goes up to your room, it is only to f@ck. I have many friends in SD who visit me when I am there. They come into my room, we open a cold Presidente, we dish the dirt, and they later leave. If I had to pay for everyone that just visits with me, I would need to take a lot more money with me to SD.
From Puerto Rico,

Monaga said...

I am not sure, but I think Hotel Discovery only charges if you have a guest stay overnight. Again, not 100% sure about that.