Monday, October 16, 2006

Hotel Villa Colonial

Your intrepid blogger was walking in the Colonial Zone the other day, when I stumbled on this building. Being the nosy person I am, I just peeked in the window. To my surprise, it is a new hotel called Hotel Villa Colonial. The place has been open a very short time, but you can see from the photos that it is really beautiful. Another former mansion that was just completely and lovingly restored. The rooms are a bit on the small side, but nicely-done. The prices are $65 per night and include breakfast. The website ( will be up shortly.

Hotel Villa Colonial
Calle Sanchez #157 (btw. Billini & Nouel)
Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo


T-D Moderator said...

Anthony, in relation to the Conde and Ave. Independencia, etc., where is this new hotel located?

In other words, is it convenient?

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

It is 1.5 blocks from El Conde.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone pay $65 for a small room when for the same price he can get a whole apartment by staying with you...??

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

just showing everyone all the different options available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anthony but I think that it is a very nice .. super clean polished Hotel from your review, all in a matter of choice , the one thing is..It appears super super clean, very inpressive from a tourist stand point of view, thanks for keeping us well informed. Say any thing been done with the cerfew?? and what about that man that was killed??? How sad and what are the real details about that entire incedient , Can not wait to return,Jim From Houston

Anonymous said...

Is this place gay friendly ?

mahdi said...

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