Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Krash Vogue Club House

On your next visit to Santiago, make sure to stop by the Krash Vogue Club. It is very nice to see that there is a gay place to go up north. I have also heard about a bar in Santiago. Once I can confirm the information I will pass it on.

Interesting Articles: HIV in Dominican Prisons BBC Dominican Republic Timeline Commercial of the DR in the Future (In Spanish)

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Anonymous said...

My My this is quite the story on the Hiv+ situation over there in the prision system,just so sad and unbelievable conditions,which really could be managed with the proper treatment plan. Sounds to me they need just some basic good soap and hot water to begin with, that would help cut back on bacteria growth and many virsus's the grow in heat and unclean environments.I admire the Doctor from Flordia who is trying to do his best, god bless him . Is there anything that we could do has a group, to help this Doctor or his group, or does he work alone???This was a very informative atricle and so weel done, please keep us informed , JIM From Houston