Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dominican Dominator

So much has happened in the last week, I don't know where to start. First, there were many, many tourists here this past week. Amongst the hoard were many new faces that I have not seen before. All the venues were packed to the rafters. Unfortunately, Arena was closed. I had heard rumors about it, but there it was on the front page of Listin Diario yesterday (below the fold). It seems it wasn't just Arena that was closed, but another straight club (and very popular) in the Zone, called Nowhere. They were both closed because they allegedly allowed underage patrons to come in and drink. Let's see how this plays out. With the opening of Cha, Arena had been doing very badly. Let's hope they are able to open and get things together. Personally, I believe the competition is very healthy, and let's people know there are options. On carnival Sunday, Cha was packed to the rafters. It didn't hurt that you could sit there and watch the parade go by, oh yeah, then the specials of RD$50 pesos for Presidente's and national drinks probably didn't hurt much either.

Victor Martinez, photo above, just won the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Championship. He is a Dominican from Washington Heights and I have included several links for your perusal below.

This past Sunday's carnival took place on the Malecon of Santo Domingo. This year, for some reason I wanted to go. That was until I got dressed and was about to leave, when right in front of my door a young lady's cell phone was snatched. Well all hell broke loose and as the young man who snatched the phone tried to get away, he slipped. Wrong move. The crowd pounced on him and beat the living shit out of him. I have seen this happen many times before. Vigilantism is alive and well in the DR. After that incident I thought it best to watch the festivities on TV and go out later.

Mark Harris, from San Francisco, was just here and is planning a trip here in the Dominican Republic. For more information go his site here. Norm, from Fort Lauderdale, is here visiting now. He came by to tell me about a cruise he is putting together that will be leaving out of Santo Domingo in March 2008. The cruise will be sailing to St. Maarten, Dominica, Grenada, Margarita Island, Venezuela and Aruba. As I get more information I will pass it along to you.

For those in town this weekend, Mario Sessions will be here celebrating his birthday this weekend. Look for him at Jay-Dee's on Saturday night (note to Mario: no need to make a comment! LOL!).

Dominican Baseball Players Caught in Visa Scam

DR Finally Enters into Free Trade Agreement with U.S.

JetBlue Flies to Santo Domingo Starting this Spring!
(Thinking about coming for Memorial weekend? Go to www.jetblue.com for a sale price of $109 each-way from JFK. Flights start May 24, 2007!)

Thief Being Beaten at Santo Domingo Carnival

Dominican Dominator Wins the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Championship
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Changing Demographics of Washington Heights, NYC


Anonymous said...

Well Damn! Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop with what is going on. I am interested in the cruise and I look forward to hearing more information on this.

Stay well Anthony!

Anonymous said...

I was missing You as well but, was blaming the Carnaval for it. Good to hear from You again Anthony. It is snowing here in Long Island right now, send me some Sun. Regards, Angel Lazaro.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately mr martinez is named in a criminal steroid scandal

The arraignments come a day after not guilty pleas were entered in Albany by 11 other defendants, including four Signature Pharmacy officials.

Soares acknowledged that bodybuilder Victor Martinez was an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the case and is linked to the Lamperts' Anti-Aging Centers. Martinez won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition Saturday in Ohio.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger said he wants bodybuilders to stop using steroids.

"He's clearly opposed to these steroids," said Aaron McLear. "And he's working with top officials in the bodybuilding community to come up with a system where they rid the sport of steroids."

Martinez told The New York Times he bought testosterone from the Lamperts after their clinic told him he had low levels of the hormone. He also said the company asked him to become a partner, but he declined.

"I didn't trust them, and other people were warning me not to do business with them," he told the Times.

Anonymous said...

Good news about Jet Blue - at least for east coasters. In trying to get a return flight from the SF Bay Area, they can book the outbound flight for $179 all the way, but cannot book a return flight because, the reservation agent told me, they don't have a viable connection. This even though there are plenty of Jet Blue flights from JFK to SFO) or OAK that can connect from the early morning flight out of SDQ. Interestingly, their system WILL book return trips from Seattle, Burbank, nad Long Beach for the same fare.

I e-mailed their customer service desk and they promised to reply in 4-5 days. Let's hope they can change their system. Round trip from the west coast to SDQ for $360 is fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping that some airline will finally break the monopoly American Airlines has on flights from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic. The 40 minute flight is now at $353.00. This price is totally outrageous!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rafael - especially since most of those flights are continuations of ones coming from the US, and all AA is doing is trying to fill some empty seats.