Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Galeria de Arte Ajoupa

Last Saturday, I get an invitation to a gallery showing in the Colonial Zone. I have to be in a certain mood to do certain things. At least that what I always think. Didn't really feel like going, but then I promised. As usual, I'm so glad I went. The gallery is called Galeria de Arte Ajoupa. It is located on Calle Las Mercedes #255 (btw. Jose Reyes & 19 de Marzo). It was their one-year anniversary, and they were showcasing works by Hatian, Domincan and Cuban artists.

At the gallery, there was an even mixture of Dominicans and Hatians, with a few foreigners thrown in to season up the cultural stew. The one thing everyone had in common, was the love of beautiful art.

Now, if your idea of Hatian art is the stereotypical mass reproductions you see EVERYWHERE in the Dominican Republic, then prepare to have your horizons broadened. The art, sculputure and other installations are infused with life and color. Want to buy some art and possiby meet the artist? Look no further than Galeria de Arte Ajoupa.

As my camera is broken (DAMN!!!!), I was not able to get any photos. But, I promise to go back and get some pictures. I met some great people, like Dr. Raymond Thertulien, who along with Cedon Fritzner, are the brains behind this operation. I also chatted up one of the young artists, Ed Vasquez. The photo of one of his paintings (at the top) just doesn't do it justice. You must see his work in person. The space is being transformed, and by March of next year, they should have a small cafe and jazz space, to go along with the beautiful art.

Thanks so much to Ulrick Gaillard for the invite and insisting that I come.

Next time you are in Santo Domingo, please stop by and have a look-see.

Galeria de Arte Ajoupa
Calle Las Mercedes #255
Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

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