Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The latest edition of FREE Magazine is out (though the website hasn't been updated yet!) and they have a great layout on the Dominican Republic. The photos, taken by photographer Hassan Kinley, are beautiful and evoke the essence that is La Republica Dominicana. All the models are local Dominican talent, except for the absolutely gorgeous (and extremely nice) Miguel Perdomo, who is a Dominican from the States. The whole production was supervised by Ernest Montgomery.

As someone who was a groupie at different times during the shoot, I can attest to the hard work that goes into being beautiful in magazines. It ain't easy. But, then someone has to be beautiful. Right? I hung out with the crew at the cockfight, but honestly, all I did was drink beer and watch bags. The sight of "cocks" that lost was not pretty. But, then beauty is not a pretty business.

There is also a story on Mario Cabral, who is the owner of several restaurants (one being Aura), lounges and the exclusive Praia club in Santo Domingo. I love the opening blurb of the piece:

Mario Cabral can be found one afternoon quietly sitting in one of his restaurants in the Dominican Republic and the next day can be seen walking Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. From the Caribbean to the cold, from business to business, and plane to plane, this is the life of a 30-year-old Dominican entrepreneur.

Isn't it great being young, wealthy and Dominican!

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Anonymous said...

What about being old, poor, and Puerto Rican! Does that work?
Guess who...