Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Loose Ends

In my never-ending quest to find about all things Dominican, I came across a blog that is dedicated to the Dominican Transgendered population. As the Transgendered population is even more marginalized than gay population at-large, I think this is a great project to bring about some dignity and respect.

Also, while reading the blog, I found out that the
Metropolitan Community Church has started Sunday services at ASA (Amigos Siempre Amigos). According to the post, the services are open to the entire gay community.

Beautifulmag, a European blog, has an interesting article called, "
The Real Beauty of Men, According to Ernest Montgomery. As regular readers to the blog know, I'm a big Ernest Montgomery fan. And I'm an even bigger fan of his photography. Now, if he would only let me come over and "help" more.

New York Times had a really nice piece the other day about Robinson Cano, New York Yankees player. He is trying to buy an ambulance for his hometown of San Pedro de Marcoris. But, he doesn't make the millions that other Dominican players make, but he is trying to do his part. And. He ain't bad on the eyes, if you know what I mean. Kudos!!

Another interesting article I came across is about justice, or the lack thereof, in Latin America. There is a special blurb about the
Dominican Republic. Two-thirds of the prisoners in Dominican jails have not been charged with a crime, tried or convicted. They use what is called "preventive custody." I love that term. It basically means you are going to stay in jail until we decide (or your family comes up with enough money) you should get out. And you thought your life was difficult.

Keeping with the theme above, White Sox player,
Juan Uribe, is now in the clear. He was being investigated for shooting 2 people. I wonder how he got out of the country and didn't have to go into "preventive custody?"


John K said...

Uribe? $$$ = no "preventive custody" & get out of country to go play baseball for the White Sox and make millions, de veras.

Robinson Canó also recently received some recognition as one of two Yankee players (the other was captain Derek Jeter) who elected to wear Jackie Robinson's number on Jackie Robinson Day. (The Yankees gave all their players the option to do so or not, while other teams had the entire lineup wear his number.) Canó's father named him after Robinson, and it beautiful to see that he proudly avows the connection. If he keeps playing as he is now, he'll have more than enough money to buy the entire south coast a fleet of ambulances.

Now, is there any local good news about Mets superstar José Reyes, who was one of the last holdouts to cut off his hair (beautiful mini-locks) to support his teammate David Wright?

Anonymous said...

My Word Ant...Where do you get these photos of these men? This man is more than delicious...if you could see me drooling it would make you crack up laughing! I swear you get an evil delight out of making us horny reading this blog.

Love and kisses...Miss you much

Jimmy from Boston

Anonymous said...

I will be bringing down some female hormones to donate on my next trip. Will soften the girls up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do! Some of these girls look downright scary! They definitely need all the help they can get.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Beautifulmag website to see additional Dominican men, all gorgeous! Sorry that I can't say the same about the Dominican 'ladies' on the transgendered blog. I agree with the 2 previous posters, most of these girls need some serious help in getting their act together!
From Puerto Rico,