Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This was a very nice weekend. People I like are here visiting, many things to do. All is well with the world, and God is great!

There is a new place that has opened. It is called Santo. It is located on Arzobispo Merino #115, btw. Padre Billini and Arzobispo Portes. It used to be a restaurant called Alfatori. The space is really beautiful. Those who went, told me how nice it is. I have also been told that they don't allow drag queens, buggarones, or "flamboyant" behavior. A couple of friends went, and said it is an absolutely great space, nice music, just not too many people there. Will keep you posted as time progresses.

Casa New Yorker is closing. Scotch, the owner, has decided to move back to the States. Business is very difficult in this country, and the summer season is the slow tourist season for Santo Domingo. Best of luck to you, Scotch.

The last weekend in June is sort of the unoffic
ial Gay Pride in most places (which allow it) around the world. The DR (Santo Domingo, in particular) had a small celebration of their own. Last Thursday, there was a large gathering in Duarte Park. They hung the Gay flag, and everyone milled about and cavorted. All levels of Gay Dominican society were present, the Transsexuals, the "flamboyant" queens, the ex-pats, a couple of buggarones and just plain folk. There is no parade yet. But you have to crawl before you can walk. At least there was some mention in some of the media about it.

Last Sunday, was the Lowenbrau Cup/Mr. Republica Dominicana 2007. Ever since last year, I have been waiting for this day. It didn't find out about it until last Friday, but that was okay. Nothing was going to prevent me from being there. And boy was it worth the years wait. It was to start at 10am on Sunday, in one of the ballrooms of the Barcelo Lina Hotel. I told some friends about it. Told everyone I would not be calling around, but leaving at promptly 9:45am. Usually, everyone is late getting ready, or there is some last minute hold-up. Everyone was here at 9:30am. They understood how important this day was.

We arrived at the hotel only to see that it w
as packed. There was no parking, so we had to park across the street at the University. When we got to the ballroom is was packed, and the only seats left were WAY in the back. I had heard that they had VIP tickets, which were only RD$400 pesos (about $12 U.S.). We paid our pesos and were escorted right down front to the first row behind the judges. Boy, do I love this country!

As beautiful as the contestants were, the spectators were equally as beautiful on that Sunday morning. It was 9 men for every 1 w
omen in the place. All I can say is I can't wait for next year's contest. I will be there at 9am, just to watch the arrivals.

Here are a couple of pictures. Thank God, Ernest Montgomery was sitting next to me. All my photos came out dark and blurry. I took about 30 minutes of video (GREAT!) with a camera I borrowed. Only to find out that there is no cord for the camera to transfer the video. Looked around today and can't find the cord in the stores. Not to worry, I have my people working on it, because I MUST show you this video. The photos are great, but the music, crowd reaction, screaming and sheer pandemonium must be experienced with the video. More pictures to come later on today. Promise.

So, congratulations to Novoa Méndez, Mr. Republica Dominicana 2007. Here are a couple of the contestants to hold you over. I saw a photo of Junior (first 2 photos below) at last year's contest, and have been infatuated ever since. This year we see him and Ernest snaps his picture. Nice, I thought. Then we he came on the stage, I knew he was the winner (and the one I remembered from last year). There was a man standing next to me who would tap me every now and again to comment on the contestants. He didn't much care for Junior. And he wasn't no slouch in the bodybuilding area himself! Well, as far as I'm concerned, Junior should've won, fuck what he thinks. The gentleman at the bottom, Omar, who speaks English, was just soo nice it was awful. He owns a small gym in Santo Domingo, but also lives in Pennsylvania a part of the time.

If I didn't have to leave to go the airport, I would've stayed to clean the place up. I was told over and over, the guys need sponsors, as bodybuilding is expensive. I know what you're thinking, so stop it this minute.

Anybody want to go next year? I'll rent a bus. But only if you promise not to act to "flamboyantly." Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ...

As ever,
The Monaga Blogger


T-D Moderator said...

Oh my!!! Sounds like the contest was a great suckcess, oops spell check. LOL

Now when is it next year? Perhaps I can schedule my vacation then!!

Paul said...

I agree, Junior is definitely the hottest of this group. I also like the guy in the following pic in the pink posing suit. The bleached hair has to go, but otherwise he has a great smile and bod of course.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I could not care less about overly-muscled men. I've been told that they are just trying to make up for what they lack in other parts body parts... Too bad that Scotch has had to close Casa New Yorker and return to NYC. He was a very good host the times I stayed with him. I wish him all the best in his new endeavors!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

anyone has pics of the gold gyms trainer posted earlier????

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that casanewyorker is closing. It is tough doing business in the DR.

As for "flamboyant" behavior, I just don't understand DR closeted views. Everyone knows who is the owner of Santo.

In another "fu fu" bar, I overhead the owner chastise a couple of guys to stop kissing because "gente normal" are entering the bar. So, I guess we are "gente abnormal."

Anonymous said...

I usually find the overbuilt muscle men a turn off....I have always been told that they are compsenating for the lack of "building" in other places. I would, however, offer to support Mr. XXL whoever he is!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster! I, too, could make the exception with Mr. XXL! Yes!
From Puerto Rico,

Monaga said...

Mr. XXL, Junior Jimenez, is spoken for. Thank you very much. LOL!!!!

At least, I would like to speak for him. Very nice young man. I hear he is also a trainer at Gold's Gym.

Anonymous said...

Even at my "old" age, I am willing to be trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!