Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Drama Republic

Just imagine.

You're on your hotel balcony in Santo Domingo, smoking a cigarette. Next thing you know there are men in all-black uniforms pointing very large guns at you, telling you not to move. You then find out that they are agents from Dirección Nacional de Control de Drogas (DNCD), and they are searching all the rooms looking for drugs. Imagine your surprise when you're told they found a piece of a marijuana joint in your room. AND, you are now under arrest.

Can you imagine this happening?

Well, this did happen this past weekend at the Duque de Wellington Hotel. An American tourist, along with another person (employee?) were arrested. I found out about it from Americans living in the States, who called and emailed me inquiring about whether the story was true or not. So, I made a few phone calls and yep, it was true.

Well, we have a happy-ending. Said American has been released from custody and was out lastnight at Bar Friends, reliving the horror for those assembled. The owner of the Duque de Wellington, along with his lawyer, were able to convince the authorities that the marijuana found in the room was not his.

Unfortunately, the other drama that took place does not have a happy-ending.

An ex-pat, Cliff, who has been living here for almost a year, passed away at the hospital. No one knows the exact cause, but it happened so suddenly. He had a very high fever earlier in the week, but refused to go to the doctor. Some believe that his symptoms suggest Dengue Fever. David Lee has posted some great information regarding Dengue Fever. It highlights the seriousness of this disease.

I didn't know Cliff well, but it is still sad to hear news like this.

Rest in peace, Cliff.


Anonymous said...

Duque de Wellington Hotel.Story sounds a little FISHT to me.

Anonymous said...

I did know Cliff well; he was a quiet, non-assuming, caring person. I first met Cliff while we were both guests of Scotch & Byron's B&B "the CasaNewYorker". Cliff in fact had been the first registered guest of the hotel. Chronic back pain problems limited his outings but he was always invited because he was always the person with the smiling face and nice personality.
Like myself, Cliff came to like living in Santo Domingo, largely I suspect because of the close Ex-pat community. He had a home in NYC but told me many times that he enjoyed the company of visitors here most and he had never found a close community while living in New York.

Sadly he was also very stubborn and I can almost see it in my mind now, his refusing to go to the Doctor even though he was sick. Also like myself, Cliff was a Nurse. We're the world worst medical procrastinators.

From my discussion with his sister, it appears that Cliff died of encephalitis and liver failure - both are end results of Dengue Hemorragic Fever and/or Dengue shock Syndrome.
Dengue is in an epidemic stage in the tropic belt.

So, long story short, Please, please take precautions against mosquito bites. Use deet 30-50%, mosquito nets or mosquito repellent clothing, long sleeve shirts and long pants are best.

Dengue progresses rapidly from a high fever, to a rash, to a high fever, with headaches, nausea and vomiting. In most serious cases shock sets on from blood loss or electrolyte imbalances.

Bottom line, protect yourself, get help early.

Only an autopsy and blood tests could tell if Dengue was the reason for cliff's death. He was ok 10 or so days ago when I last spoke with him. All in all, I still find it hard to believe he is gone, so suddenly. He will be missed by many.

Craig Poole
Wilmington, De.


Anthony I'm glad that he's alright, maybe next time he or anybody will search there rooms for anything ie: (Drugs), before sleeping. I know I do (Smile).


Dengue Fever is real, I had a touch of it in May my fever was like 105. I left the country and sought my doctor, he then told me that I had a touch of Dengue Fever, Thank god for CIPROFLOXACIN 500MG which I was taking before and after I get to the DR. Always use Off with DEET or 100% DEET that will help alot.

Anonymous said...

Folks should be aware that medications like CIPROFLOXACIN is very powerful and harmful. The average immune system can deal with Dengue. Sudden deaths are quite often linked to the miss-use of these drugs.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everything ended on a happy note for the tourist arrested without cause at the Duque de Wellington! On the other hand, my heart goes out to Cliff's family and friends. I did not know him personally, but getting a serious illness and maybe even dying alone in the DR sometimes makes me think if I will really ever live there on a full-time basis away from close friends and family!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

If you take the drug like it says you will not have any problems, please note: cipro is not for the comon cold or small infections. Dengue is not a small infection

Dr. Marshall

Anonymous said...

Duque de Wellington Hotel.What was the outcome of this story.Did it make the news papers?If so please let us know how to get a copy of the story.Did said Americanget off the Island and will he/she be returning for other visits?It seems like a lot of police for just a joint.

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

As far as I know, things are fine. I'm not sure if he is still here, but he was right after he got out, and I think he will be back.

All's well, that ends well.