Saturday, August 04, 2007

Curfew Changing?

Could it be?


A pilot program is now in effect in Cabarete to allow businesses that sell alcohol to close at 1am during the week, and 3am on weekends. If it is successful then the program will be implemented in other areas of the country.

We'll see ...

Update (8/9/07): Now, I don't want to get to hopeful, but this is the brightest news I've seen about the curfew. I don't think it has to be lifted everywhere, but it just makes economic sense to lift it where significant tourists gather. And in Santo Domingo, that would be the Colonial Zone. Huge amounts of Dominicans party in the Zone, too.

Surveillance cameras for tourism areas?
Tourism Minister Felix Jimenez has called for the installation of surveillance cameras in parts of Santo Domingo’s Colonial City, the Malecon seafront avenue and tourist areas in Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Las Terrenas, Las Galeras, Juan Dolio and Punta Cana. He said that surveillance cameras would enhance security in these areas, and then the time limits for the sale of alcoholic beverages could be lifted. He proposed that the Ministry would pay for half of the cost, and local businesses would cover the other half. Speaking during an American Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Puerto Plata, he said that if tourists want to drink all night long, they should be allowed to do so. (Source: DR1 Travel News)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Maybe the voices of reason are finally being heard.

There's supposed to be a gay bar in Cabarete. Does anybody know anything about it...popularity with locals, etc.?

Anonymous said...

The gay bar in Cabarete is a joke as well as the gay hotel there. I could write paragraphs about that scary place...but just take my word for it that Hotel Arcos and the gay bar across the street should be avoided.

If the curfew would be lifted in Santo Domingo, I think the decrease in both straight and gay tourism would be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Greetings and say what great news, maybe this is the beginning of a turn about,if so, that would be really great for the locals (jobs/businesses) and super nice for the tourist.What ever, this is super, hope it extends soon for the entire city of Santo Domingo.God Bless the powers that be who are responsible for this change.I was also rather surprised and shock to see the notation and article of the questionable discrimination at the Loft.In all the times I have visited Santo Domingo, I was under the impression ,all walks of the human race were kindly welcomed and accepted.I guess we all can live in a world and see only what we want to and over look the reality of really what may very well be going on or happening around us.Am truely hoping this is not the usual case in a Land I am so very fond of. Jim of Houston

Anonymous said...

Actually, what it means is that if the folks in Cabarete "behave well"...Ex: don't get into fights, don't drive drunk, don't shoot off their guns, don't kill each other, and don't commit other crimes for an "x" amount of time, then, liquor hours may be extended to other parts of the country. Whoopee!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am from the UK and am waiting for the curfew to change before making my first trip to the DR. I am watching the situation closely.
Re the hotel (Arcos) in Cabarete I was planning on staying there as the pictures on their web site looked appealing but, after reading some reviews about the hotel on tripadvisor, I will be going to Santo Domingo instead.
I am looking forward to my first trip and hope the locals are friendly towards a young white British guy who likes to party ? !

Anonymous said...

I can see it now! Cameras focused on the 2 or 3 gay bars that are left in the Colonial Zone filming everyone that goes in/out in the name of safety. And especially at CHA, when at closing time those girls go really crazy on the Malecón!
From Puerto Rico,