Monday, September 10, 2007


Good morning, class.

Today, we are going to learn about Barahona. Barahona is located in the Southwestern section of the island.

I went to Barahona on Sunday, specifically to look for this beach (Playa San Rafael) that is very popular on the weekends. As I was looking on the Internet to get some descriptions, I came across this web page. I don't think I can describe it any better than this:

Barahona, located a three hour's drive west of Santo Domingo, was founded by French-Haitian General, Toussaint L'Overture. He believed Barahona's location was the perfect spot to build an alternate port to Santo Domingo's. The town itself is not really why people visit this area. There are a few small hotels and resorts in this region, but it's the surrounding landscape that is the real draw. The incredible natural environment includes mountains, lakes, interesting vegetation, and gorgeous coastline. The remote and hidden beaches are the prettiest you'll see in the Dominican Republic. A bigger attraction are the three national parks. The largest protected area in the country, Parque National Jaraqua, contains Laguna Oviedo, which is home to home to over 60 bird species, including the countries largest population of flamingos. Parque National Isla Cabritos, contains Lago Enriquillo, the largest salt water lake in the Antilles, located 45 meters below sea level, home of the American Crocodile. Parque Nacional Sierra de Baoruco is a mountainous park with rainforest vegetation. It is within this park that you can also visit the Larimar mines, which are located 40 km south of Barahona.

As readers of the blog know, I talk all the time about the Samana region of the Dominican Republic. Here is my new mantra, Barahona. The southwestern part of the country has been the topic of conversation for the tourist industry here. There is a real lack of tourist facilities, which can be a good thing for people who like to explore. It is still so untouched and unspoiled. But, the natural beauty has to be seen to be believed.

When we arrived in town, we had to drive another 20 minutes on a winding road through the mountains, down to Playa San Rafael. It seemed as if the whole town was going to the beach on their motorcycles. Once on the beach we got our spot, then proceeded to survey the landscape. There is a COLD freshwater pool (man-made) where the water comes down a waterfall from the mountain. Very rustic, no-frills beach. But great nonetheless.

Afterwards, while driving we spotted these 3 huge houses on a cliff on the ocean. We drove by, honked our horn, and were shown around the place. Villas Espereranza are private villas with their own private beach that are for rent by the week or month.

From there we went to a great seafood restaurant, Brisas del Caribe (Carretera Batey Central, Barahona/809.399.8535). How else would you want to spend a Sunday?

Class dismissed. There will be a pop-quiz tomorrow. Don't forget the new mantra.

B A R A H O N A !!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

please tell that man in the wife beater to stay by that tree, i am on my way. can you take public buses to barahona?


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Anonymous said...

Can I go next time??????