Monday, September 03, 2007

It's Over!

Here are 2 of the photos from dancers at last night's shindig at Jay-Dee's. Lining up strippers to work for a party used to be a breeze. Now, it is like a full-time job. Because of the curfew many places for dancers to work are closed. I was expecting 4 to 5 dancers. Only 2 showed up. I'm glad the best of the bunch showed up.

Ah, well. What would the Republic be without a little DRama?

Special thanks to Curtis & John, because without them there would be no photos.

Mas tarde.


Urbane Concepts said...

Congratulations Anthony. Looks like it was a exciting party.

Anonymous said...

just give me an hour with him.....I hope my pesos would last that long..............

Anonymous said...

The events of the weekend were nice with very large crowds. The absolute best event of the weekend was the private departing dinner on Monday night. This was hands down the best event I have ever attended in Santo Domingo. The invitees were the creme de la creme of the BLGT community. The likes of Internationally noted photographers, a noted university professor, International Studies students from American Uiversities and world class performers (the ones that get paid for cutting up. It was really nice to be amoungst such a talented and successful unpretentious group of individuals not crying about a shoe string budget. The buffet was great and as an established chef I don't pass out compliments about food and entertainment lightly. The host is a class act in his own right and his villa let you know the caliber of taste being dealt with. Overall I want to thank you Anthony & compnay for a very pleasant and enjoyable week. Thanks for thinking enough of me to invite me to the closing dinner and much success as you contiune to do you! Not many people have the guts to dare to dream big and live larger.
Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

It was a very nice, unexpected evening with great company. And the FOOD!! Good Lord the food was incredible. I've asked R and B to send me some of the recipes.

It was a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Stripper Extravaganza? Not quite, I know because I was there. A couple of strippers didn't show up. Only 3 numbers (one danced twice), but totally hot. They worked the floor afterwards which was cool because you got to "know" them up close and personal... However, for 100 pesos ($3.00) you got in, got a ticket for a Cuba Libre, and a good show. All in all, the best deal in town! Anthony worked his ass off putting this thing together for which he is to be commended. Better luck next time, Anthony!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

It was a great show. The two strippers that performed gave the crowd what they wanted. Can't satisfy everybody. Where else can you get club entry, discounted drinks, and a show for 3 US dollars???

Paul said...

No shows. that used to be so frustrating for me. I used to feel like I was wasting my entire trip waiting for guys who wouldn't show up. Now I've just come to expect it and try not to stress out. It's a little different when you have a crowd waiting for them though. If it's any consolation it isn't just a Dominican thing. 5 out of 7 didn't show up in Medellin. Fortunately one who did was great and another came by later.

See you in November.

Anonymous said...

I am very upset. I was planning 15 days in SD but decided to add 4 more days just to see the BIG Show that was promised. Very disappointed and let down.

Monaga said...

Upset and disappointed?

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess it was my fault. If you would've contacted me I would suggested that you NOT extend your trip just to come to the party.

Tell you what. Contact me and I will personally give you a $3 refund.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Who in their right mind would extend their trip to DR to see STRIPPERS?

But then again, many folks hit the island and lose dey minds so I guess it's to be expected.

The show, the crowd, the drinks, the atmosphere were not at all disappointing.