Friday, September 07, 2007

What's Up?

In my last post I said we were going to Jarabacoa, but we only made it as far as Bonao. We started late and knew that there was no way to go to Jarabacoa, and enjoy it, and then come back that night. I like to just get in the car and drive and see where life take me.

Well, life took me to Bonao. Had been to Bonao before, didn't think much of it. Sometimes you want a little something different from the beach, and the river is definitely different. We rolled into Bonao and I concentrated my eyes to look for someone who might be a part of the "family." There out of the corner of my eyes, I see someone sashaying down the street. Michel told us we should go to the river. It was hot, and everyone would be there. He pointed us in the right direction, and he was right. The river was filled with families beating the heat. (Photos below)

In other news ...

The weekend wrapped up very nicely. Many friends came down for long weekends, and most were leaving on Tuesday. Monday evening, we decided to put a little dinner together. There was also a party going on at the Camilo House Apartments. I had a little soiree at Tyson's new apartment, and the food was amazing (Thanks to Richard & Byron). Thanks to all who came down. I don't want to list names, for fear of leaving people out. But, I have to give a special shout-out to Curtis and John, who took pictures for me, and Jerry.

There were over 200+ people at Jay-Dee's on Sunday. Besides some of the dancers not showing up, it was a really nice party. Of course I meet a dancer, Wandy, in Bonao, who tells me that he has never danced in the capital and he has other guys, yada, yada, yada. Where was he when I needed him?

Santo Domingo Metro

Well, that's all for now.

Until Soon,
The Monaga Blogger

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony
I have a wonderful time in DR over labor day weekend. The white party was good and the dancer were off the hook... But the bad part was that 12 midnight came everything finish,( LIGHT UP ) luckylly some friend new about this other underground metrosexual place we end up there until 3:30am it was so much fun.
thanks a million Anthony and my staying in your apartment was very nice, you have some great 1 bedroom apartmentS for such an affordable price
Jerry from NYC