Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sanky Panky

Imagine this scenario, if you will.

You are sitting at your desk. You have just sent money to the Dominican Republic, for your boyfriend's mother to have that desperately needed operation. Then you look at your account online, and you notice you have sent almost $2K in the last month for one problem or another.

You know he loves you, I mean that goes without saying. But, sometimes in the back of your mind you wonder if somehow you are being taken for a ride.

Well, here is a new service just for you. It's called Sanky Panky. I love the headline on the opening page.

How was your vacation? Passionate? Fall in Love? Think he/she could be the one?


Checkout the website and click on some of the links. The stories are incredible.


CLOAKED said...

Hola, usted tiene 150.00 para enviarme porque mi cuello de la madre se cayó de esta mañana que iba a trabajar, ella necesita una operación y no puedo permitirme la.

the Allen gallery said...

LOL. Well, it's about time.. now we need one for the brothers... but hey, wait a minute.. they're charging $350.00 US (granted with the dollar falling faster than a drunk at last call it ain't worth much today, but still...).. hmmmm could be the next sanky pranky... pay us to "spy" on each other. LOL... Looks interesting though...

Please tell me what is an animation person.. I keep seeing this in reference to staff at resorts... What do they do?

... clearly a LOT of time on my hands at the office today... :-)


Monaga said...

The animation team are the guys/girls who keep the action moving at the resorts. From the entertainment, excercise and all other activities. Sometimes they are called "Chocolate Boys."

Anonymous said...

Animation teams are the workers, male and female, employed in the all-inclusive hotels to "animate" the tourists staying there. They get them up off their fat, sorry about that...their lounge chairs to participate in games, contests, talent shows, you name it. After they finish the night's animation activities, they may provide private entertainment/animation for the guests in their rooms.... Get it?

Anonymous said...

Hola Anthony:

This is a great post! There are some very interesting threads with lots of good comments in the various links. Too bad they all sem to be straight-oriented. It would be great if there were some gay-oriented discussions about this fascinating topic. (Maybe you'll have to start a thread! - LOL)

The PI services being offered on the Sanky Panky website are intriguing, mainly because there's no indication of who are the people behind this new business. $350 as a "retainer" sounds pretty steep, when we have no idea of the quality of the business or the people behind it. Maybe we're being invited to be "sanky-pankied" electronically? (LOL - no offense intended).

Have you had a chance to see the Canadian film "Ver le Sud"("Going South")? You metioned it when I was in SDQ in September. I recommend it to everybody who reads this blog. It is a fascinating and profoundly disturbing look at the similar life in Haiti, with some good dramatic plot lines as well.

Finally, does anyone know if a bugarrone is simply a male-on-male sanky panky? Or are there other connotations associated with the term?

Anyway, as I said....Congratulations on a great post! See you in December.

George (SF)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this was really informative...I've noticed that its just not resorts but also night club employees, cute bartenders, even some patrons of these places are into the whole Sanky Panky scene...this is a good wake up call for all of us visiting the island...fall in love with your head not your heart...

Monaga said...

There used to be a sort of Buggarone aware site. It was a gay man who was taken advantage of, and proceeded to put a web page together with his cedula number (National Dominican ID), photos and a detailed description of how they met, along with the scams he perpetrated.

Maybe someone should start a blog on the subject (!).

And yes, I highly suggest seeing "Ver le Sud"(Going South). Also another great movie to see is "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone." Both from a straight perspective, but I think universal in message.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Anthony,
Very interesting reading about the so called "Sanky Panky"social people and what this trade is all about.I must say most of what was written was about the straight people, not much about the gay elements and there envolvement in this social enviroment. Is it a case where the gay element is just not mentioned for any special reasons?
I did connect to some of the sites to inhance my knowledge of this topic and found it to be most informative and interesting.Thank you again for keeping us somewhat in the loop of things from Good Old Santo Domingo and Cuba has well. JIM from Houston,TX.

Anonymous said...

Vivien Leigh as an aging, rich socialite and a beautiful, 23-year-old Warren Beatty as her gigolo. Anthony, either you are showing your age or someone recommended that you see it! Probably the latter... I especially enjoyed the ending...sort of my life story!
From Puerto Rico,

Monaga said...

Rafael, you have to see the updated version with Helen Mirren and Anne Bancroft. Helen Mirren is spectacular, as usual.

Anonymous said...

hola all! This is the creator of Trust me we are for real and live and work here in the Dominican Republic. We are very serious in our work, and need anonymity for the security of all. If you are a victim of a Sanky Panky, please contact us via our contact us page on thank you!