Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

While sitting here writing this blog, I here a car accident outside. There is at least one accident per week at this intersection.

A gay bar in Santiago, Skrúpulos Bar, has been closed by the authorities. The usual reasons. Neighbors complain about loud music, and it just isn't right to have "that" type of an establishment in the area. I don't think visitors here really understand that everyone is not crazy having gay people frolicking about. Especially in certain areas.

Reminder: You now must have a passport to travel to the Caribbean.

Sometimes I get some really nice photos that people send me of some of their "friends." I don't really show any nudity (well, at least not a lot) on the blog. But, there are other photos that are on services like, MySpace, Adam4Adam, among other sites. I have a friend who is addicted to these sites. Okay, I like Hi5 myself. I have some really nice photos from these sites that I have been collecting. I will post a couple of them here.

Here are two Dominican strippers I found. One lives here in Santo Domingo, the other lives in NYC.

: I am in no way trying to infer that people on these sites are gay (well, maybe Adam4Adam). Nor do I want to infer that showing their photos here mean they are gay. Just find the photos hot, and since they are published in a public forum I wanted to share them with mi gente.

Also, I found this video with someone who looks very familiar.

(I'm being told that the video won't load. Click here and see if this works.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, Say I loaded the video you posted and nonthing happen, also I tried to look at the other pictures you posted and those too, I could not open up to view, so what am I not doing right???How you doing? Is all going well over there, sounds to me like the people of Santo Domingo are fed up with the gay crowd and no longer want to tolerare them in any way, shape or form, what's with that?Is there a reason for that?All is well here on my end.Take care, god Bless, JIM from Houston

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed I tried to load the video and nothing happened. I am so curious as to who the video featured. Perhaps Santo Domingo is not much different that many cities in the U.S. Gay bars frequently are not welcome in semi residential neighborhoods. Most seem to be located in commercial or areas filled with clubs and bars of all types. I dont know about you but I have been to some gay bars in the U.S. that have been in some bizarre locations......

Anonymous said...

This may be off the wall, but my guess is that the officials will tolerate gay-oriented bars or other gay establisments (theater, parks, etc.) so long as they remain "local." But as soon as they start getting "press" on blogs, etc. so that they are publicized outside the country, they feel they have to step in and shut them down. Don't forget, Cardinals use the Internet too, and they probably troll the blogs for the latest happenings!!

Anonymous said...

More than his face is familiar!!! I must admit that I have always enjoyed the time that I spent with him. He is a true sex machine!!!

Anonymous said...

Anthony loved the post. As for the video, what the hell are you doing??

Anonymous said...

Anthony the photos aren't showing up.

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

Okay, video and pictures should be loading fine. As for the video, I can assure you that I didn't take it. One of our intrepid readers sent me the link because of the setting, and the person.

As for only "local" gay establishments being tolerated by government. Frito Verde, which was closed last year, and the current bar in Santiago, are both Dominican-owned. And until reading about its closing, I had never written anything about it.

There goes that theory.