Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dominican National Palace
This past Tuesday was a strike (huelga) in the Dominican Republic. I hate to say this, but I have come to like strikes. No traffic, HUGE police/military presence on the street, and did I mention no traffic. Some friends and I drove all over the city just to see how things were going. Again, tons of police/military, but pretty quiet.

We were then near Parque de Los Tres Ojos. I was asked if I had ever been there. No, I said. I got the, "you never been to Los Tres Ojos!?" No. So, off we went. I'm glad I did. It is eerily beautiful. The Taino Indians used to perform their religious ceremonies there. Only RD$50 pesos and well worth the trip (15 minutes from the Colonial Zone by cab). Photos below.

The new Junot Diaz novel, "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao," which has received rave reviews, had its film rights purchased by Miramax and producer Scott Rudin. Looks like it is in for the star treatment.

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Human rights advocate, Sonia Pierre, is putting the spotlight (again) on the Dominican governments treatment of Haitians living in the DR.

Budding Dominican starlet, Dania Ramirez, has an interview in this month's Latina Magazine. She has been landing a lot of great roles lately, from the X-Men, to the Sopranos, and now Heroes.

Looking to retire in the Dominican Republic? The country is now getting the message and passing laws to make it easier to go after the 70 million plus (U.S.) baby-boomer dollars. Great article in Hispanic Business.

A huge drug bust in Durham, Ontario (Canada), is having reverberations here in the Dominican Republic. Authorities are trying to find out how those kilos of cocaine made it on the airplane.

AIDS Facts: More than 50% of the people living with H.I.V. in the Dominican Republic are 18 - 34 years old. AIDS is the leading cause of death for women ages 15 - 44 years old. Though there has been an increase in treatment facilities in the country, only 25% of Dominicans with the virus are currently receiving treatment. These finding were published in a local newspaper (in Spanish) recently.

Be careful.

Mas Tarde MI gente!


Anonymous said...

Anthony, for a second I thought the Hispanic Business article dealt with changes in the law. Any news on changes to the "retirement" laws as previously reported by Tropical Desires?
Thanks for keeping us updated regarding the DR.

Gus Falkenhagen said...

hola! mucho gusto! siempre leo tu blog y me parece muy interesante cuando hablas sobre Rep. Dominicana, soy venezolano y tengo ya viviendo en tu maravillosa isla 7 meses. Realmente es excitante estar aqui. Tu blog es super chevere! sobre todo cuando hablas de experiencias en pueblos de aqui de Dominicana con muchachos tan hermosos y buenmozos... un gran abrazo de mi parte. Gustavo