Friday, November 09, 2007

Gay Delinquents

Over the last several weeks I have been told by some police sources that there was going to be a crackdown in the Colonial Zone. There is a new Police Chief, and he is very close to the Cardinal of the country. Petty crime has been on the rise. A couple of months ago there was a daring robbery at the American Airlines office on El Conde. Employees were tied up and the place robbed, in broad daylight.

One thought is -- true or not -- that the increase in crime is because of the drug-addicted Buggarones who congregate in the area looking for gay tourists. Some tourists have commented that are here now are noticing how the police congregate around Paco's and pick up anyone, if they think they are a Buggaron.

Then, there is the matter of some tourists coming to visit and acting like complete assholes. It has gotten so bad that the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial Hotel has removed all seating out front. I have received several emails from people who had stayed at the hotel for many years, talking about the change in the attitude of the staff. Other hotels are changing their "guest policies" as a way to discourage Gay guests.

Well, if you had guests staying at your hotel who thought it okay to perform a sex-act in a public restroom. Or my favorite, the guests who thought it was a hoot to have the shoe-shine boys show there dicks, in order to get a tip. All this done without any regard to the country and its people. Maybe then you could understand the attitude change.


The Dominican Republic is NOT Costa Rica, Brazil or even Puerto Rico. There is no government agency actively trying to get Gay tourists to visit. The country is still very Catholic and unofficially could be described as homophobic.

I say all this to say, I know that the majority of Gay visitors come, and spend money, and have a good time, and treat people with respect. But it is always that small minority who will try their best to fuck everything up for everyone else. If complaints from people living in the Colonial Zone continue, and the Cardinal (who was quoted as saying we don't need any degenerate foreigners sullying the sacred Colonial Zone) gets involved, then it wouldn't be hard to see how a crackdown would not be beneficial to Gay tourists or Gay Dominicans alike.

I'm just saying ...


Anonymous said...

This is so true to the fact that i have seen some of these acts in progress this year. There are a few American Guest from the South that come to Santo Domingo and act as they are back home. I remember David Lee saying to me once back when the pool hall was open "Always Remember, you are on vacation, not your brain" but some (this small group from the USA, South) act as if they can do the fuck they want. In fact they are cause why the Hodelpha Caribe Colonial Hotel removed the seating from in front of the Hotel. Now I see the same group at another Hotel doing the same things. Wake up Queens. Anthony entry is true! I have witness the same small group doing those things, when I see them I run as fast as I can away from the mess!

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON!!!, Anthony.

Your message can be summed up in one word . . . Respect!

A terrific blog . . . A very importnant message . . . Don't rest!

TARTAZA said...

wow... very well said !!!

Anonymous said...

I find your blog entertaining. Really I do.

But who crowned you king of the gay tourists?

Professor D said...

Thanks Anthony for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

Blogger number 4, have you ever visited DR? Do you know how important it is for the City to remain as gay-friendly as it was, and Anthony is a vital link in keeping us informed????
OK, I and a few others have named him 'King of the Gays!' Shish, contribute to the discussion in a constructive manner or stay silent!

Anonymous said...

A very good post Anthony. I remember a few similar posts from your past entries. A refresher course was definitely needed.

Yes, there are several "new" visitors from usa who clearly don't know how to behave. Grown folk running around like fools. I like to be social and never cast shade or anything to these folk. A quick howudoin and keep moving. NOCD.

It's a shame about the Hodelpa and I was surprised to see the outside seating of the hotel replaced by those huge potted plants. but I think the turn over in staff also has a lot to do with the attitude problems of the new staff as well; There are several mentions on TripAdvisor about the same thing from straight/married guests as well.

The increased crime and drug problem is clearly a national issue, hand in hand, and probably won't be addressed because of the easy money flowing in and out of the hands of many officials. However, the behaviour problem of some of my brothers will straighten out once a few spend some time in a Dominican prison and word gets around enough is enough.

I'll still visit the island; a few hillbilly knuckle heads won't spoil my fun. But it does bother me that a few idiots can ruin a great spot for a good time.

One last thing, i've noticed a few new sites and blogs that feature very young looking Dominicans. I hope no one believes that these sites go unnoticed by the Domincan authorities. Might this have some part in the crackdown on bugarrons and the gay sex trade?

One really last thing, I hereby crown you KIng of the Gays! If you so choose to wear the crown!

Keep up the good posting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the ...hole who did'nt appreciate a word to the wise from Anthony, I have to say this...Its guys like you who ruin it for the intelligent,decent,law abiding gays who visit the Dominican Republic.I'm sorry but that stupid, juvenile comment just pissed me off

the Allen gallery said...

Wow! Do you think the crackdown is just a phase or something more? Too bad about the HCC... but, who didn't see that coming?

We'll see you soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anthony, you are the King of gays...we have all seen the disrespectful and ignorant behavior of some of the American tourists and not all from the south. One in the hotel where I stay always bragged that the boys would climb up the side of the hotel to his balcony and thus evade the desk clerks...of course, he was robbed one night by someone who climbed the side of the building and entered his unlocked balcony....he now stays at another hotel because the management refused to reimburse his losses....there are many other stories.....keep reminding us, Anthony and dont let that one fool's comment slow you down. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

You post this blog condemning gays for doing their thing, yet you highly advertise and host parties with male strippers. hmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds liek the kettle calling the pot black.

Monaga said...

To the above poster. You obviously don't understand the difference between having a party, and disrespecting the country? Do ya?

You are probably the exact person I was referring to.

Hillbilly knuckle-heads?

I like that. Hence forth, that is how they shall be know.

Anonymous said...

Gays (or straights) enticing ungerage shoeshine boys to show their dicks is not acceptable behavior anywhere I know. The fools that promote this type of activity ruin it for the rest of us. No wonder many in government and in religion think that all gays should be placed in prisons or asylums for the insane!
From Puerto Rico,

CLOAKED said...

Hey Anthony, thanks for the much needed post! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

A strip show in a club with strippers who are of legal age and patrons who are of legal age and out of sight of the public at large is not the slimy behavior that is causing the problem. Those shows are perfectly respectable. We all know the kinds of activities that Anthony was referring to and the types of tourists who engage in them. I wont but we could probably name some of the regular tourists who do this on every trip. It does make all gays look degenerate.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, I have nothing but love for you. However, I do have mixed feeling about some of these comments. Never do I agree with anyone breaking the law! I cringe at the thought of anyone anywhere abusing a child. I am not a flamboyant person and have never displayed my lifestyle openingly but THANK GOD for those who have! I give props to those who are flamboyant and let the world know that they are happy being who they are and that they deserved the exact SAME treatment and respect as straight folk. If a straight couple can kiss then a gay couple can kiss. I understand about the Cardinal and D.R. being less tolerant but a change must come. The liberties that people have across this world were fought for. People don't like change and it is a constant battle. Many times we take things for granted because we were never suppressed or oppressed. If you choose to live in the dark then so be it. For those that are willing to challenge people's VIEWS and OPINIONS then so be it. What I'm hearing people say is, that it's okay to go to D.R. and pay for sex with men as long as you behave a certain way. No use in lying about it. What would the tourism (gay men) be like if there was not a single buggarone? Again, I don't condone stupidity but I don't think it's right to tell people not to be themselves to be accepted. I am sure that I will get a lot of flack but it's time to fight for ALL of your rights. Some people and been beaten down by themselves as well as others for so long that think it's okay to hide. Anthony, you're a great person, you information is always appreciated and you have truly made a difference to the gay life in the D.R.

Anonymous said...

It's not only "okay" to go to Santo Domingo and pay for sex as long as you behave in a certain way, but it's also okay in Havana, Mexico City, Paris, Rome, San Juan, Las Vegas, NYC, and most anyplace else. It's when you flaunt what you are doing and attract attention that you get into trouble. Be "yourself" in your hometown (and even that might get you a swift kick in the butt). Is that being hypocitical? Probably so, but that's the way the game is played. Domincan prisons are not a nice place to be. I know because I've visited several of them. So, keep it on the downlow. You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical is right.

Look at the pic right underneat his lecture to us -

A guy outside touching his cock.

the kettle is black and so is the pot !!

Monaga said...

Again, you don't see the difference between having young children showing their penis? As opposed to an adult man posting photos on

Then I don't know what else to say.

Yes, I do.

My comments still stand. You are stupid.

This horse has been beaten to death.

Case closed!