Friday, November 16, 2007

Yohenly de Bonao

Wherever the photographer Paul Culver travels, be it India, Brazil, and recently to Colombia, he likes to see if he can meet people online before he gets there. Paul photographed a guy the last time he was here. He sent him an email to see if he knew of any models he could photograph. He says yeah, but you would have to come to Bonao. No problem. Bonao is only an hour or so outside Santo Domingo.

So off we head to Bonao. We get there, and meet the models, and find out that the "A" model can't make it. We have to come back on Saturday.


We are then taken to a gym and given the consolation of photographing Yohenly.

What a nice day at the river ...

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JON said...

Will make an effort to stop by your blog for the informational aspects and the nice photos.